Thursday, June 26, 2008

An Update

Hello friends,
No praise to report on a house...I was a little upset, but almost expected it. We have not heard anything from the listing agent. No no, no yes. I think its a little rude to not respond at all and my agent has tried to call the listing agent several times. My husband and I talked though, and discussed staying here in our rental and saving as much as we can and maybe, possibly look at house auctions sometime in the future. We really want something we can pay off by 15 years and not be enslaved to our home. We took Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University a few years ago and were just looking over it tonight and thought maybe we should just wait. And really, this house is cute and cheap!! The payment is great and while some might say we are throwing our money away it is better than getting into a possible bad situation. Been there, done that!!
In other news, my camera is going to have to be sent in to get fixed. The flash doesn't work and since my camera is not under warranty it will be a little over $50. If I had been smart and sent it back in October when it started acting up it would have been free to fix. Live and learn. Maybe... I would really like a new camera that has some options, like sports mode. I feel like my little one takes a year to take a photo and by then my kids are doing something else. I am open to suggestions that don't come with a couple of zero's at the end.
The pictures above are of our home, cottage(?) when it snowed this year and our eating area off the kitchen. The kitchen picture was taken last spring. I had an old window(I love those) propped up on the mantel with some canning jars filled with green peas and tea lights. I never was super-satisfied with the arrangement, something seemed off. I really do think this is a cute home and size wise is okay for a while longer. I know some people have more children in the same amount of space or less. And like I said, the price is right. Thank you all for praying. I know it wasn't in vain and I have hope that one day, in the right time, we will once again, have our own home.
Hope you all enjoy what's left of your week!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Help! I need somebody!!

Hey Y'all!! Thanks to everyone who has welcomed me into the blog-world!! I feel sorta special...
Well, I had a wonderful(in my opinion) post planned with pictures to show you all, but I can't seem to get my pictures from my camera to my computer to a file that will open. The other pics are from a cd which I was able to find. I don't know what to do. When I can figure all this out, I will definitely share my finds from the antique store-I am so excited about them!!
Since I cannot share the pictures I want with y'all, I will share some from around my yard last year. FYI, I did not plant any of these, they came with our house. The people that lived here before have planted some beautiful flowers and plants. We have a butterfly bush, a snowball(?) bush, azaleas, irises, lilies, and some other things that I have no idea what they are. We are also bird friendly around here, with birdhouses on posts through-out the yard. I am definitely taking that idea with me when we buy our own house. Speaking of which, if you praying sisters out there want, we would appreciate prayer for our new house. We found one and put an offer in. It is so perfect for us and more than we could have hoped to ask for. Unfortunately, it is a bit out of our price range and so we offered $15,000 less for it. It would totally be God if we got the house. He has provided so much for us in the past year, with a free van and an almost free baby. It is amazing to see Him work and I know that He is capable of giving us this house. Hopefully, my next post has a praise in it!! We have been praying.
I hope you all have a great Wednesday and rest of your week!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Family-I have learned how to post photos!!

I thought since I was new here that I would introduce the family. First we have Jackson, 5, who is smart as a whip. He is a goof ball and will do anything for a laugh.
Next is Lilly, 3 going on 16. The princess, the girly-girl who makes me appreciate my mom so much more.
Lastly, Fisher, who is almost 9 weeks old, but was 2 weeks in this photo. He is such a good baby. God knew what I needed the third time around!!

Next up: a fun, festive, super easy Fourth of July craft and my loot from the antique store.

Monday, June 9, 2008

My First Blog Post

Clever, huh?? I have been reading others' blogs for about a year now and have finally decided to take the plunge and just do it. I hope its a place of encouragement. For others as well as myself. A place where I will finally get some projects finished-or started!! I hope to learn how to add photos soon so it will be more exciting here. I look forward to meeting new people and share my ideas and creations(and knock-offs!)
More to come...