Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bits and Pieces...

I don't know if y'all do this or not, but I will have several posts written in my head, but can't actually share that post cause either I have laundry piled up or not everything is complete the way I want it. Please tell me I am not alone...
Anyway...I decided to just share bits and pieces of things here and there, rather than not post at all.
I changed my armoire from Winter to Spring. Just threw up stuff that was green or white for the most part. I'm happy with how it turned out!!

Here is what the sideboard in my dining room currently looks like. I love the butterflies in the typewriter!! bed. I love to change out the linens to get a new look. Since I've been craving bright, happy color lately, I decided to put out my more colorful bedding. Such a simple thing, yet a good change.

Lovin' the layered, mismatched look...
What have y'all been up to, lately??

Monday, April 26, 2010

I heart FREE!!

I went to Goodwill with a friend the other day and there was a lady unloading stuff from her car. I remarked how cute this little bench was and she told me I could have it. Yay!! Not diggin' the primary colors, though. I'm thinking I am going to paint the wood parts green.

Picked up this table off the curb yesterday. I know its like a piece to those funky living room sets from the sixties or seventies that had yucky velour upholstery, but I love the lines of this table. I'm thinking red for the paint color. What do y'all think??

Love the scalloped detail!! So tell me, do y'all like the red idea?? Any other suggestions?? Thanks in advance!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lighting on a little...

I love chandeliers and I love getting a GREAT deal on chandies even better!! I just thought I'd share a few budget minded ideas here. This chandelier came from a yard sale and was only $3. It originally was intended to plug into an outlet, but we{my husband} just cut off that part and wired it into the ceiling. I am craving bright, fun, and happy lately and decided to make some new lampshades for this chandie. I already had everything on hand. The shades came on another thrifted chandelier. I spray painted them white and made the flowers for them. Jen, of Tatertots and Jello, has a great tutorial for how to make the flowers. I did do things a little differently, but here is the link to her tutorial. While you are there, take a look around. She has such fun crafty ideas!!

This flower is my favorite!! Love, love, love the fabric!! I used vintage buttons for the flower centers. I am thinking I want to gussy the lampshades up a bit more, but for now this will do. :)

Red gingham with a yellow flower button.

Yellow polka dot crib sheet with a super cute red daisy button. Pretend the picture is actually good. Hahaha!!!

Some of y'all have already seen this chandie redo. I did add some more sparkle in the way of glitter on the candle sleeves and a beaded garland. I believe I paid $15 for this chandelier and a little more for the crystals, etc. making this my most expensive piece.

This lighting idea came from Country Living originally, I think. I decided to actually get on it when I saw it on Ashley Ann's blog. The cord set came from Ikea for around $4, the basket was $2, and the light hanging kit was around $5 at Home Depot.

Here is a close up. This is in my computer loft area. You can see more pics of it here.

Lastly, we will go into Lilly's room. This fixture was originally brass with the milkglass. I loved the milkglass but not the brass. I just gave it a coat of sunny yellow paint and love it now!! Cost for this one...$12.

I think the total comes in under $100 for all four chandeliers. There is no limit when you think thrifty. You just have to have patience and a vision.
Tell me, what is the best deal on lighting you have gotten??

Thursday, April 15, 2010

What's been going on...

Well, I guess I am averaging a post a month lately. We've been pretty busy around here...pricking fingers and giving shots. Yuck. Lilly is doing so good, though, and takes it so well. Plenty of family fun going on. Loving this beautiful weather we've had lately!!

What else...

Installing a backsplash. More on that later...

A bird has made a nest and laid eggs in a basket I left on the patio table.

The nest, complete with five eggs. Oh, and a rotten gourd, sidewalk chalk, and paper plate holders. White trash, much?!?!

I hosted a craft day and egg hunt. That was fun!!

Its near impossible to get a picture with everyone actually looking at the camera. We'll take what we get, though.

Chaperoning Jackson's field trip. That was fun!! What I always dreamed of when becoming a Mommy. I am still on the fence about homeschooling next year or not, but the time of Jackson being in school has been good. He loves it!!

Beautifying the patio and yard. More on that later...Lovin' my new screen door!!

Fisher turned two. Yesterday. Happy Birthday, Fisher!!

Planning a birthday cookout, complete with burlap, picnic plaid and...ANTS!!! More on that later...
Oh, and for those of y'all who hung in there all this time...we are having a GIRL!!!!!