Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why Lilly Has Diabetes...

When Lilly was first diagnosed with diabetes, I was like, "Why the heck does MY kid have this??" I didn't take it very well. Over the course of time, it has gotten easier and I can say, "Why not my child??" I wouldn't have chosen it, but if her having diabetes draws someone else closer to God, then so be it. He could have let Lilly die, but he chose to save her. For that we are very grateful.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Few Thrifty Finds...

Hey there, y'all!! Just wanted to pop on to share some thrifty finds I've gotten lately. You know how sometimes you want to wait to share something until its "done"?? That's how I felt about showing y'all this table, but I don't feel like waiting. Ha!! My friend, Amy, found this table in my favorite little church thrift shop a few months ago. I went to go look at it, but it was out of my budget at the time. I decided I would make myself paint and sell my other table first. Well, last Thursday I had to run an errand in the same town as the thrift shop so I ran in there to see if it was still there. It was!! I think they had it priced so high no one would buy it. This place is normally so cheap on everything else, too. Anyway, I managed to talk them down $40, so even though I still paid more than I wanted, saving $40 was awesome!! Now I just need to finish my other table and get it sold!!
Y'all can see that I decided to go with the red chairs from Ikea!! For some reason my husband isn't super sold on them with this table. On the subject of the table, I cannot decide if it needs a makeover or not. My thought was to maybe re-stain the top a dark walnut and paint the bottom white. I kind of like it like it is, too. What do y'all think??

I found these owls at Goodwill a few weeks ago. I thought they looked so sweet. However, they will be getting a makeover. I trying to decide on a funky green or teal. Any opinions?? These cute hoots will go into the kids' room. Y'all might remember I briefly mentioned that all four of them are sharing a room...I'm trying to make it as gender neutral as I know how. And I don't. I am gleaning a lot of inspiration from all of you, however!!

Ahhh...this table. I've actually had it for over a year. I paid $20 for it at a yard sale and was so tickled pink to have a table that not everyone else does!! I did paint and glaze the wood top. The lamp is also a secondhand find. Brass originally, I sprayed it with a Fern spray paint and it looks fab!! We had to put a few of our favorite Fall books in a basket!!

Anybody else seeing the irony{no pun intended} of all the dust on my "Domestic" piece?!?! Hahaha!!!

P.S. I'm listening to Christmas music right now...How crazy is that?!?!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday mishmash...

I drove my children to school this morning, just like any other morning. Except that this morning happened to be trash day. I felt my van turn down into this neighborhood right before the school. I saw what looked like it could have been a metal shelf in a trash pile. I was thisclose to picking it up. Since I wasn't sure if all the components were there, I decided to drive on. This neighborhood is still being built, so there was a dumpster in front of one of the houses. I caught a glimpse of chunky wood and chicken wire. Be still my beating heart...I pulled over and rescued this piece. Isn't it fab?!?! I am seeing a jewelry organizer!! I just need to detach that funky piece of wood off the top and hang 'er up!!

Earlier in the week I got a wild hair to do a switcheroo of bedrooms. We gave the kids the master bedroom-all four of them are in there!! We took the original master, which Jackson, Lilly, and Fisher were sharing. I love it!! It is so cozy. Our other master, which was built on sometime later after the house was built, along with my "backroom" from the last post, is gargantuan and works much better for the four little people than this other room. I cannot wait to fluff my new love nest!!! Here is my inspiration for the color scheme...
I'm lovin' this tablecloth from Target!! I think it would make the prettiest curtains!! I was teetering on whether to get these for my bedroom, or use the curtains I made for my living room in the last house. It would certainly save money!!

Yesterday Jackson and Lilly got in the van and said, "Mom we need team shirts or jersey's to wear tomorrow!!" This was vaguely familiar sounding-something for Relay for Life, where they pay a dollar to wear their favorite sport teams shirt. Only problem is we don't have a favorite team-not being sports fans and all. Jackson informed me his teacher said if they didn't have one then they could just go to the store and buy one. Um, okay??? So, I despaired for a minute, then called Jenny. I was pondering just going to Wal-Mart and praying to find inexpensive team shirts, when Jenny suggested going to look at Goodwill. Duh!!! Isn't that what I always do when I need something??? So, we went and we found some shirts. Yay!! Represent'n the Bulldawgs, yo!!

Whew...Happy Friday, y'all!!