Friday, February 27, 2009

The Fantasy, The Reality: Foyer

This is my foyer currently. All junked up with the contents of my van, mail, etc. This is clearly not working.
Now, this I love. I have a mantle I can cut the sides off of and then I would need to find a pew. I love, love, love this picture from Cottage Living. I see it being much less junky than my foyer is currently. I could be in denial, of course!!
Let's all join together in prayer that I find that pew for not a lot of $$.
Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Question for you prim gals

I got an unfinished wooden candlestick at Michael's today with the idea to make a make do with it. Any ideas of how to actually do it?? How do I make{lets say a bird} actually stick on it??
Thank you in advance for all your help!!

*So, I googled prim make do's and didn't find much in the way of directions, so I emailed a prim loving girl and she said to just use hot glue. I should have figured it would be that simple!!
*A make do{at least as far as I am concerned} is basically a stuffed something{be it a bird, heart, pumpkin, etc.} connected to a base. I am using a candlestick, but I have seen wooden spools used as well.

Do glittered eggs come from glittery chicks??

I have been in the mood for Spring and decorating for the season lately. I told Jen I wanted to decoupage some eggs and she found this tutorial. I fell in love with those eggs. Here are mine. I am pleased with how they turned out. I might suggest using bigger, flakier glitter, because the Martha Stewart glitter is so fine and seems to have more coverage.
Also, I just tied on these vintage screw on earrings, but I think I am going to get wire clippers and separate the earring from the backing and glue them on.

What do you think?? Are y'all getting Spring fever yet??

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Green Berets

So, whilst watching American Idol last night, I was making these cute green yo-yo's. I threw one of these to Cory and he said they looked like hats that little girls wear. Um, berets??

I was so excited last night that Danny Gokey got thru!! Actually, all three of my peeps made it last night!! I actually clapped out loud when they called the girl's name. I think Danny is going to be the first person since Chris Daughtry to make me excited again. Though, I did like David Cook last year. He's just not Chris. I would get a silly smile whenever Chris would sing. I might have had a little crush...
What about y'all, who are your faves??

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I got mine, now go get your's!!

Jen just made these gorgeous birds and I just bought one for myself. She has several listed so go get yourself one or two ;). Jen also has a very cute bird silhouette available. Fly away, fly away, fly away now!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

A bag for Katy

Some time ago I had emailed Katy about bartering dish cloths for whatever she wanted that I could make. Katy mentioned a toile tote I had made before so that is what she is getting. I just came up with my own design{one late night when the I couldn't figure out how to make a bamboo handled bag}. Anyway, Katy's bag is made with brown and cream toile and lined with sage green plaid homespun.

Here is a closer view of the pleated tote.

Katy didn't want super bright colors, being a country gal, so I thought this was perfect. Katy, I hope you agree!!

I pleated the handle as well.
Katy your bag is on its way today!! Hope you enjoy it!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Last Minute Love

Or should I have titled it "Why I stayed up until 4:30 am on February 12th"?? Yes, folks, I went to bed that late because I am nothing if not the Queen of Procrastination. I will say that I had the great idea to make the above shirt for Lilly earlier that day. Here it is in the wee hours of the morning.

Jackson and Lilly at our homeschool groups Valentine Party. Dontcha just love Jackson's smile. The boy will not hardly give me a pretty smile, though he's capable. Oh yes, we were quite late to the party due to some last minute bucket decorating. The Queen...

My hutch with all its lovely decor made by my good friend, Jen.

The Valentine Tree with half made ornies. I did make them a while ago{I was so proud of myself for making these while the Christmas tree was still up!!}, however, I never got around to fully painting all of them.

The front shot. It is sitting on a free desk from Cory's work. It will be getting its Cinderella transformation soon. Another post for another day.

Fisher's bucket. Notice the little fisherboy on there. I think he looks like a dark-haired version of my little Fishee. Jackson decided after seeing all the ribbon going on Lilly's bucket that his and Fisher's needed just a little, also. {I made these out of formula cans, might as well reuse the expensive things, right?? Just modge podged scrapbook paper on and cut out a heart and mp'd it on as well. Drilled holes, strung heavy duty wire thru and tied some ribbon on. Voila!!}

All three buckets. The kids need cute ways to collect their Valentine's, no?? Lilly's turned out cute, despite the fact that it was not behaving around midnight or so. A little ribbon hides a multitude of sins!!
Jackson said, "I really like Lilly's bucket." I replied, "I really like your's." Then Lilly said, "Momma, don't you like mine?" "Of course I do, honey." Whew!!! Don't want anyone to be left out!!
After Friday's fun, I took my kids to my mom's work and she took the two "big kids" home with her for the weekend!! Cory and I spent a very low key day at home yesterday. We just watched some movies on tv. I felt like I was wasting the day, but it was nice. Then Cory went to the part store and fixed some junk on my van. The blinkers keep going out as well as my reverse lights. So thankful my husband knows his way around a vehicle!! Saves us lots of $$. Then he cooked breakfast for dinner. Yum!! Oh, and while I was trying to teach Fisher how to say "Momma" he shouts out a definate "Dada". Hmmph...
Hope you all had a great Valentine's weekend!!
Katy, I will be mailing your bag out tomorrow. Sorry for the delay. Remember, I'm the Queen!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Goodwill Goodness

We have been on a much tighter budget since we moved into this house. I did, however, get to go to Goodwill almost two weeks ago. I was looking for a tube pan, but found these goodies instead. I love the vintage-looking lines of these kind of baskets. The are probably more associated with funeral flowers instead of the Easter baskets of yesteryear, however, I love them!! I have been wanting to collect little lambs as well, and this guy starts my collection beautifully. He was actually a part of a Nativity set someone made, but Goodwill was selling each part separately and at eighty eight cents I couldn't pass it up. When I see The Little House on the Prairie books, I snatch them up.
Here is a closer view of the little lamb. He's so sweet.

Christmas In The Big Woods.
Gotta love Goodwill!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What to title?? Escape from Alcatraz...etsy??

Sooo, my shoppe is all prettied up with a header and avatar!! But...its empty!! Do I open a partial shoppe?? With out all I want to sell?? Because Husband still has to cut some wood for me...Not like he's been busy painting or hanging chandeliers or anything!! I have so many fun things planned for the shoppe, that I am so excited about!!

Oh, BIG HUGE THANK YOU to Jen and her husband for making the header for the shoppe!! I never anticipated the friendships and sisterhood{cause I have adopted some of y'all!!} I've gotten from this blog thingie. I am very appreciative of all of you!! You deserve like, some M&M's or something!!

The children are enjoying this home far too much!! I heard some commotion shortly after breakfast and saw the hangers like this. What are they up to?? Trying to escape?? Is it that bad?? No, they want to put on a puppet show!! I love the creativity that children seem to have naturally when we don't try to surpress it!!

Hope you all have a great Thursday!! I only owe four people goodness from me, so I guess I better get on it!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Half bath semi-update

Cory finished painting the half bath Friday night, after he hung the chandelier. I love the color!! It is such a cheery, robin's egg blue color. It is Watery, by Benjamin Moore.
I couldn't get a great photo because the room is so small and narrow and I didn't want to actually be in the picture. :)

Le toilette. I am sure I'm butchering some French here...

My purse is the inspiration for a rug I'd like to make for in here. I just love the colors!! And we want to beadboard the bottom half of the room and make a skirt for the pedestal sink. That will happen as funds allow, of course!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Let there be light!!

Friday night I convinced Cory to hang the chandelier in the kitchen. I was originally going to hang it over the table, but since our light bulbs blew in the ugly flourescent box thing up there I decided to put it in the kitchen instead. I love it in there!! I want to take the white plastic things off and glitter them up still and maybe add crystals to it as well.

Here it is closer up. I promise its not hanging crooked. My mad photography skills!! Yes, we still have to patch the two holes left by the previous light fixture.
What do y'all think??

Monday, February 2, 2009

Tweet, tweet

Welcome to Lilly's fourth bird-day party!! Come up the path...notice the bird wreath on the door. I am sure I am the only one that really cares about that...

A birdie mobile adds to the theme. It is a little undone, but I threw it together at the last minute so it will do. {Actually, I learned to let a lot of things go this time...}

This plate of Lilly's hospital picture and a birdcage will greet you as you walk in the front door.

Hungry?? We had pbj pockets, grapes, chicken salad with croissants, artichoke dip, salsa, and veggies with ranch.

Please help yourself...

If you're thirsty we have pink lemonade, sweet tea, Dr. Pepper, and Mountain Dew. We also have bottled water if you feel like bending down and getting it off the floor. ;)

The cake wasn't exactly how I pictured it in my head, but again, I am letting go of my inner Martha here. Jen, does that bird look familiar to you?? I couldn't find plates like I wanted so I used my 10 cent dessert{or bread and butter} plates I got from a church thrift shop.

Happy Birthday to you...wait, you're not supposed to be blowing out the candles yet!!

Lilly gets a good laugh as Dad re-lights the candles!! I love this photo!!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Lilly, happy birthday to you!!

Now, you may blow out the candles.

We did a little craft. I found a package of 12 wooden birds, had Cory drill a hole, strung twine thru, and the kids smeared peanut butter and covered them with birdseed.
Jackson is seriously concentrating here!!

Time to open gifts!! Paper's a flyin'!!

What's that?? A hummingbird feeder from Nana!! Lilly got lots of great gifts, had lots of fun with her friends, and it was great to have everyone over!!
Glad you could all come!!


Eight years ago today, at 2pm, Cory and I were engaged!! We had decided to have our wedding on February 2nd, 2002, at 2pm. Remember my numbers obsession?? I guess Cory or my little brother remembered me talking about how this couple got engaged on a Friday, and a year to the day got married. I thought that was so cool. So Cory came to my work to surprise me!! Surprise he did!!
Let me back up a bit first. I used to work with my mom and Cory's mom also worked there. She found out I was single and said, "I have two sons." I think she regrets that moment now. ;) Anyway, she gave Cory my number and I waited, and waited, and waited for his call. Let me tell you, I had been on so many blind dates that summer and fall it wasn't even funny. You would think I would be scared of this one. Well, Cory finally called me and talked as though he had known me forever. We talked several times before we met up and went on a date with his parents. Yes, our first date was with his mom and step-dad. We went to a Chinese restaurant and I was there first and got a booth with his parents and then he walked in. After we ate, we went to the Mall. There I proceeded to slam his car door into another car. He was very good about it and only later did I realize how car-obsessed he is. At the mall, he held my purse which I thought was very gentlemanly. We left at nine and I drove an hour or so back home.
We met on November 18th, 2000. Engaged February 2nd, 2001, and married November 3rd, 2001. It was fast but when you know you know.
Actually, Cory knew before I did. As time went on, Cory told me that he was praying hard before he called me and didn't want to pursue a relationship with me unless I was the one God wanted him to marry. Now, isn't that a sweet story??
{The photo above is the day Cory came and proposed.}

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday, Lilly!!

I cannot believe how the time has flown!! It seems I just met my husband yesterday, and now I have three children!! I was so excited when I found out I was pregnant with my second and even more excited to learn that she was a girl!! I already knew her name would be Lilly. I love using family names and Lilly is Lillian after my mom's mom. I never knew her as she passed when my mom was 17. Reese is her middle name after Cory's grandfather.
Here Lilly is this morning about to enjoy her birthday pancakes. Cory and I painted the plate at a paint your own pottery place.

Here Lilly is in her hospital photo. That is the same green blanket in the picture above. She is our little Linus.

Lilly was so tiny that she wouldn't fit in her dress that we had for her to wear home. I decided rather than her look like she was playing dress up that we would go for something simple. We just used her blanket and some lilies from a gorgeous bouquet that Cory's work sent. I love the look and the way she looks like she's puckering up.
Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!! We love you!!