Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer Armoire...

Just wanted to show y'all my armoire dolled up for Summer. I love, love, love picnic baskets. I decided to group a few of them up there. I have lots of vertical space in the living room and I am taking advantage of it.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some more junk??

I mean, how many titles can one come up with to show off their junk, I mean, treasures??

Anyway, I did go out this past Saturday...Again. This time I had Lilly for company. We went to several yard sales and the local antique shop was having a front lawn sale. Inside there was a section with fabric. Some was still on the bolt and some, like mine, were just bits folded up. I paid $3.50 for this brown floral. There were some other pieces of it folded up in it. I didn't actually get it the first time there. I was home, thinking about the fabric, and in the middle of cooking dinner, I had to leave to go back for it. The shop had actually closed already, but the owner and some other people were still there, getting ready for an auction and she kindly agreed to let me buy the fabric.

I am maybe a little disenchanted with this bright of a color?? Could have something to do with being in the mood for FALL. I am thinking of doing a little wash of brown over the blue to tone it down and making a skirt for the pedestal sink. Isn't it gonna be pretty??

I got this rocking chair at a Friday night yard sale. Oh yeah, I saw a sign on the way home for a sale that was going 4-8pm. I had to stop!! I just need one more rocking chair and all my kiddies will have one. This one is not gonna stay looking like this. I think I am going to paint more black over the gold.

This junk I got two weeks ago at a midweek yard sale. I only paid $1.50 total. You may remember the roaster's appearance at my Mom's Birthday Picnic...Oh, I have a soft spot for old kitchen utensils, so I couldn't pass up this masher.

This jar is huge and was only $2. They are sooo not only $2 at Target and Hobby Lobby. I have a smaller version that has a black lid, so I am going to spray paint this one's lid with paint left over from the kitchen chandelier.

I have been wanting a watering can but they are so expensive!! I got this unique one for $2. Score!! The scissors are old and heavy. I think I am going to frame them. The jars are just awesome, too. I use the little ones for my sugar scrub. They're awesome!!

Now...y'all might remember Tuesdays are 25 cent clothing day at my newest thrift shop. I didn't luck up on clothing that day, but I only paid $2 for all that you see here. The sheet is a king size and it will be repurposed for lots of other things!!
Thanks for looking at my junk...again...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Name banner tutorial...

I made a banner for Jackson's Summer Swap partner. I thought he could hang it in his room somewhere. That and his mom already made him some pennant banners.

So...would you like to know how I did it?? You will need to gather up some supplies...fabric-you don't need much{I used sleeves from a men's button up shirt for two of the letters}, an iron on interfacing-a half a yard ought to do for a six letter name, and twine. You will also need an iron, ironing board and a sewing machine. That goes without saying, doesn't it??

First, you will need to go to word and open a new document. Type in the name you want to use and choose a font. For this one, Arial in size 500 was used{right, Jen??}. She's my little enabler!! Hahaha!! Anyhow, get your letters printed out and you are ready to start.

You will need to cut each letter out.

I tore a strip of fabric to a rectangular shape-you are going to fold it over at the top, wrong sides facing together. Cut off the excess. You might want to iron those rectangles of fabric once you have them cut.

You will then take your rectangles of fabric and lay them on your interfacing, wrong side facing the adhesive side of you interfacing. I cut the pieces to size, then layed a towel{I used a flour sack towel} on top of the fabric and ironed it on. The interfacing will have directions.

Once all the fabric has been adhered to the interfacing, I folded them in half, wrong sides facing.

Then, I took a letter, put the top part of the letter on the fold, and cut the letter shape out. Repeat with all the letters.

I then put the twine inside the fold and pinned the fabric together. Oh, one step I did forget to mention...once you have all your letters cut out, lay them out and decide how much twine you want. I would leave at least ten inches on both sides for tying purposes.

I just sewed around the outside. I did not sew the top edge, because it is folded over. I did, however, make sure to sew on top of the twine covered part to hold it in place. Does that make sense to you?? Repeat with all the other letters.

Voila!! There you have a cute, personalized banner!!

Here is a close-up of the first few letters...

A few other letters. I will say, that I might use a heavier interfacing on letters like the E.
I would love to know if you make a banner from this tutorial.
Happy Tuesday!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Farm Chicks New York Party GIVEAWAY!!

The Farm Chicks are having a giveaway on their blog and it is fabulous!! This photo shows only a teeny peek into what the winner{hopefully me} will receive. Go here and enter!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Birthday picnic for Mom...

Today is my Mom's birthday!! The kids and I took a picnic to her work. I got the table all set up before calling her to come out. Needless to say, she really liked it!!
I layered two tablecloths and a Southern Living at Home wine caddy doubled as a vase. I kept the food cold using an enamel roaster and ice.

We feasted on chicken salad, veggies and ranch, and fresh strawberries and pineapple. I will say that I would have liked to put the croissants in a cloth lined basket, but didn't bring one. Of course, time spent with loved ones is much more important than the details, but it really isn't any harder to package food in pretty bowls and jars.

Sweet tea tastes so much better in a mason jar!!

I had to take some photos of my beautiful mother with her grandkids. Jackson was getting a little tired of picture taking.

Well folks, this is as good as it gets...

Me and Mom...
Happy Birthday Mom!! I love you!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Great golly, vintage goodness!!

I got to go yard-saling{BY MYSELF} this past was a great sanity saver!! Boy, were some people offing some vintage goodness. I got the Singer sewing machine for $2. No, that was not a typo!! Yes, its a little rusty, but its cool!!

This batch of goodness was only $4 total. The candleabra was just $2. The books were only a quarter apiece as was the wire basket. Two of those books are hymnals. I was psyched to find those because both my neighbor and I were wanting one. I have an idea for my kitchen where I plan on using some of the music pages.

Okay...this sale was awesome for me, too. I was just getting the tape measure, vintage Nancy Drew book, and puzzle when I saw a man working the sale sitting in that chair. I asked if it was for sale, too, and it was!! Only $3!! I tell y'all, I lucked up that day!! The total for all of that was $5. Awesome day, I went home happy and sweet. Sweet no doubt from being pumped up from my McD's coffee and cinnamon melts!! Talk about yummy!!
My total for the day...$11. Not bad, huh?!?!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Glamorously Ghoulish Halloween Swap!!

The Fabulous Tangee is hosting another Glamorously Ghoulish Halloween Swap. I participated last year and LOVED it!! If you want to see what I gave click here, and here is what I received. This one was so fun, especially cause I am not into scary, yucky Halloween and I certainly didn't have any Halloween decor.
Y'all go sign up, you might be my partner!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What to do, what to do...

I got a wild hair to take the buffet/bottom of the hutch out of the foyer{see here} and move it into the dining room. I love it there!! For now... ;)
Anyway, I had been planning for a while to move this baby bed couch into the foyer and hang my mantle above it. I posted about a similar idea here. Instead of using a pew, I decided to use what I already have.
My question is...I think I am going to paint it, but am torn on the color. I was thinking of antique white with a tea stain or I could go a different green{the color of my kitchen} and tea stain over it or not. Then, I don't know if I should just do the mantle antique white?? So, y'all give me your opinions.

Here is a closer shot. The paint job is just hideous and you can see the color underneath.

Here is the sideview and I wanted y'all to keep in my curtains in mind as you think about the next question...

I have to cover three pillows to go across the back. Tell me, out of these fabrics would you do three different pillows, two different, or all three pillows the same fabric, but not the patchwork print?? The stocking shown is red ticking, which is in the patchwork and the top of it is a bedspread that has a nice texture. I also thought that I might make another slipcover for the cushion and pillows out of drop cloths when time and money allow, just to give me more options.
So, the questions are...what color to paint the couch, the mantle??
What fabrics for the cushions??
Thank you!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cheapies and Freebies...

This week has been a great one for good finds and free stuff. Y'all already saw the door. Well, I also got a swing-last photo. I went to a local thrift shop today and got all that you see in the top photo and the next one for only $2. Apparently, Tuesdays are 25 cent day. They choose what articles of clothing are for a quarter. The pink shirt above was only 25 cents. I got quite a few of those basket plate holders. I plan to spray paint them in fun colors for summer dining. A cute little pillowcase and some hankies will be turned into something fun. Love the enamel tray!!

These men's shirts will be turned into pennant banners and a fun banner that I will do a tutorial on soon. At 25 cents I couldn't pass them up. I only wish I had gotten more...

Lastly...this swing was on my neighbor's curb. I asked if they were getting rid of it and they were!! I was so excited, cause I really wanted a swing. I do plan on gussying it up a bit.
Thanks for taking a look. Look around you, you never know when you might find a free treasure!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Curtains for the foyer...

Since my Mom kept my two oldest for the weekend, I had an itch to stitch. I've wanted to make these treatments for some time now and finally did it Saturday night while watching The Holiday. Great movie by the way.
I am standing in the mini hallway between my foyer and living room{really a family room or great room}. The staircase is to my left as is the dining room. To the right is the garage.

Here's a closer view. You can click on the picture to enlarge. See, you can see the chocolate wall in the dining room.

Here is my view from my computer area. If you missed seeing it, click here.
I am so glad I finally got these made. Actually I was like a sewing machine that night and got my bathroom curtains made also. I just need to get some wood and L-brackets to hang them up.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My husband loves me!!

While we were out driving around today, we came upon this door on someone's curb. I about freaked out. My sweet husband turned around so I could look at it. He didn't think we could fit it in our car with Fisher{my mom took the other two-thanks Mom!!}. I just grabbed some shutters and cried on the inside. When we got back home after about an hour or so and lots of talking about how wonderful that door was{on my part ;)}, my husband left to go back and get it. Yay!! Unfortunately, it doesn't fit any of our doors, but I will find a home for it. Maybe a mail center with some chicken wire in the window panes, and maybe a basket mounted under the glass part?? I will certainly post about the transformation. Just don't hold your breath!! Hahaha!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Late, as usual...

Better late than never, right?? Seems that is how I roll...Anyhow, I decided that my mantle needed a little freshening up for the Fourth of July and the summer. I retired the big window and wreath for a while and brought out my scrapbook papered window. I added my star from Kindra, a barn star that I spraypainted and glittered, and a sap bucket filled with flowers and an aged flag. I made a scrappy garland with the kids and hung it up as well. This photo was taken very late at night so its not the greatest. Sometimes I am too impatient to wait for daylight!!

Here is a shot with the flash on.

Oh, and I already showed y'all the stuff I sent for my partner for Emilie's Americana swap, so here is my goodness from Jenny. Oh yes, her again!! LOVIN' the yo-yo flag!! The pillow is awesome as well and little Fisher had just about claimed it for his own, carrying it around. So cute!! I loved that star Jenny made and secretly hoped I would get one and I did!! That necklace is uber-fab and I have so many ideas stemming from that one!! Jenny also sent my birthday gift way early, and I will share that with y'all another time. It is AWESOME!! Thank you Jenny, for another fun, happy box!!
*** For the scrappy wreath I used an embroidery hoop for the base and just tied ribbons and ripped fabric on. You can find them at the thrift shop for next to nothing.

***Oh, my neighbor loved her pot and last Thursday I went over to her home to show her mom and sister how to make them!! And her mom taught me how to crochet. Now, I might have forgotten how, but now I have a needle/hook so I can mess around and maybe make something. Yay!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Photo Tag

I was tagged by Joanna, of This Southern Girl's Nest for a photo tag. So here goes...
The rules:
1) Go to your photo files…Select the 6th photo folder
2) Select the 6th photo in that folder
3) Post that photo along with the story behind it.
4) Then challenge 5 blog friends to do the same!
Let me just say, that I am glad this was the sixth photo in the sixth folder and not some horrendous photo of myself!! I was wanting to share about this little vignette, if you will, that I had in our rental home and did so here. I have a rock that I was given in a Bible study that we were to write our favorite or life verse on. I chose Jeremiah 29:11. "For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future." Now this is from memory, and I may have added a period where a colon or something or other is supposed to be, but the message is the same.
Now then, I am going to be a rebel and not tag anyone, unless you want to be tagged.
Hope you all had a great Fourth of July and weekend!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Americana Swap

Emilie hosted an Americana Swap and it was progressive-as in, you bought/crafted for the person ahead of you in the comments. This has to be one of the easiest swaps I've done. It was great not having to wonder what the person's taste is, will they like it, etc.

Moving right is what I sent. An embellished towel, an aged flag garland, a rag wreath, and an aged flag. Hope she likes it!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Something's Fishy...

This post is way overdue. I am still waiting on some pictures from my mom{where are they??}. Since this party happened almost three months ago and I am tired of waiting I will share what I have of Fisher's first birthday party. We had the party at my mom's house the day before Easter.
I decided to go with a fishy theme for Fisher's birthday. I love a fun theme!! I made the sign above from a chalkboard that I got from Joann's{got that idea from Jenny}. Had to set the mood from the get go, you know!!

This is the best photo I could get of Fisher in his shirt I made for him. I'll have to take a picture of just the shirt so you can see it all.

We grilled burgers and Hebrew National hot dogs-yummy, those are the best!!

Mom has had this shell dish forever and I thought it would go great with the theme.

What is a fishy party without Goldfish??

I gave my dad this bowl for Father's day one year with a movie theme. I was glad they kept the fish dish.

For decorations, I went for whatever fishyness I could come up with.

Here is an overview of the living room. The striped bags held goodies for the kids. Now, I don't give a bunch of junky stuff. There were bubbles and individual snack packs of Goldfish{stick with the theme!!} and Teddy Grahams.

The rag tag flag banner I made. Got the idea from Jenny, of course!!

How cute is this centerpiece?? Jenny was so kind to draw some fish and email them to me. She did something very similar to this and when I decided to go for a fishy theme, I immediately thought of hers. I got the sheets from Target and used the flat one for a tablecloth.

Here is the birthday boy's cupcake. I had to use Swedish Fish to top it. I love to have theme parties, do you??