Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I found this little peg shelf at a new thrift shop in town for $2. It is exactly what I was looking for!! Anyhow, it needs a new paint color. I don't mind red, just not the color it is. I love Amy's red shelf. Just scroll down the post and you will see it. Our wall color is the same also-amazing how lighting can change the appearance of it.

Another view of the shelf. Oh, it will hang on this wall here in the kitchen.

I love this color, Glacier Blue. Like, really love it!! I just don't have anything this color in my kitchen. Another thought I had was doing it antique white like my apron peg rack. Or, I even thought about painting over the red with antique white, then blue, then sanding it to reveal all three colors. So...what would y'all do??

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Beggar's Blessing

Excuse me while I have a proud Mommy moment. Lilly has been in ballet this past school year and has really enjoyed it. I love that her teacher is a lady that went to our Church and they were already familiar with one another. The program this year was "The Beggar's Blessing." I was so proud of Lilly for actually getting out there and doing her thing. I was a backstage mom and didn't get to see her from the front, but my Mom took photos. Enjoy...

Lilly's class played the role of puppets. She is the one in the middle if you didn't already know that.

This is my favorite part of the dance. Bounce, bounce, bounce!!

Sorry this one is blurry.

In the finale, they all come out and bowed. I love the way Lilly is looking up at the girl in purple and blue.
This was so cute and I know Lilly is looking forward to starting back up in the Fall!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

What do you think??

I was wanting a change in our living room. So, my husband and I rearranged a little. Here are a few before photos. This is from the breakfast area. My bedroom is behind the armoire. You can kind of see the mini hallway that leads to it behind the sofa.

From the foyer. When we first moved in, it seemed natural to put the couch across from the fireplace.

Here is a view from the loft. The breakfast area is to the right.

Here is the living room after we moved the couch and chair around. We also shifted the armoire a few inches to the left. I am not sure if I am super sold, but you can see the tv better!!

The view from the foyer again. I put the end table between the couch and window. I also got a new lamp from Goodwill{half price!!} and plan to put it there also. I just need to redo the lampshade.

Here is another view from the loft. See the table?? I would love to put a round table there instead and maybe put the end table to the left of the chair. I'm not sure...I definitely need a sturdier floor lamp and would love a chunky wooden one.

A different angle from upstairs.
Sooo...what do you think?? Love it, hate it??

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Fall, Y'all!!

Its May, right?? Well, let me tell you, it feels like Fall here!! Its windy and the high is going up to 73. As I type, its 57 degrees. I LOVE it!!

If you were the exterminator that surprised me with your visit, then you might have seen this...Prepared to be scared!!

This is the foyer. Full of junk. Yikes!! Lets see...we have a Halloween bucket, carseat, toilet paper, craft supplies from my aunt!!

My kitchen...sink still full or dishes. Countertops all covered.

My dining room. We have a desk that's gotta go, chairs that need to be painted, projects to get started or finished.

Clothes piled up on the living room chair and couch. A hair dryer...Where does this stuff come from?!?!

My nieces are visiting and the kids are having so much fun with their cousins!! Making tents with quilts...Notice the spray paint.
Anybody wanna come help clean?? Anybody...

Friday, May 15, 2009

The BEST Chicken EVER!!

Oh my gosh, y'all, I made the best chicken ever!! I never cook whole chickens cause, quite frankly, they freak me out. Look like little human bodies or something. Plus, the first and only time I tried to cook a whole chicken the thing broke my pyrex dish in the oven. So, you want the recipe??

Elise's Best Chicken Ever
*whole chicken
*3-4 garlic cloves
*Season All seasoned salt
*soy sauce

Peel and slice onion, place in the bottom of crock pot. Remove giblets{eww} from chicken and rinse the chicken inside and out. Dry chicken off. Slice butter and peel and slice garlic. Place butter and garlic between skin and meat. Sprinkle Season All under skin and on top. Set chicken on top of onion slices in crock pot. Splash some soy sauce under skin and on top of chicken. Cover and set crock pot on low temp. Cook about 6-7 hours. Serve chicken over rice with juice, if desired.

This chicken was sooo good. I didn't measure anything, but probably used a third stick of butter or so. I would definitely use more onions next time. They were so tender also. Also, I highly recommend tongs for removal of giblets, if you have issues like me. I would love to know if you use this recipe and what you think.
Props to Jen for the soy sauce idea!!

May Tags

Y'all may or may not remember that I am participating in an on-going tag swap that Jenny hosts. These are tags from May.

Can you guess which tag I made??

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The many faces of Lilly...

Oh yeah, she's crazy!! Gotta love the Christmas pajama shirt layered over a summery seer sucker dress!! The girl's got style!! Never know what's going to come out of her mouth, either. Like her momma!! The other day at the park, she said, "Ew Momma, why dose boys are nekkid??" "Um, they're not naked they are just not wearing shirts." Um, yeah. We were at Joann's that same day and I was asking a lady for help with something. She helped{if you could call it that-in her defense, I was asking for the wrong thing}, and then went back to the next aisle over and resumed her work. "Momma, I don't like that lady." Oh yeah, we have many funny and not so funny moments like that. Like her momma...Open mouth, insert foot!! I have a story another day for y'all...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Feeling Crafty...

Felt a little crafty the other day and made up a few cute towels and yo-yo's.

The detail...

Here is my towel. I just cut, ripped really, some fabric strips, did a basting stitch, gathered, and sewed it to my towel. Easy and cute!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

$5 and some change...

I just love it when you can find some treasures for about five dollars. I went to the local thrift shop and while ago and found these things. The wire piece holds pots or something of the like. I was thinking of painting up some pots and hanging this in the schoolroom/craftroom to hold pencils, crayons, etc. Also, I got a book, Home Grown Kids, it looks interesting. Some plate holders that I really needed, a measuring spoon for my laundry detergent, some child scissors with four holes. Anyone know what those are for?? I also found a pretty glass bowl. I have another that matches this one that I got from some thrift shop or another.

I love the delicate detail on the bowl.

Check out the scissors...Interesting, huh??

Love this pot holder, wall thingie.

This set is from another $5 and something trip to Goodwill just the other day. I saw the plaque and knew I would reuse it for some other project. I love the vintage ones with the little loop holder part. The workbook is brand new and was only 75 cents. And that still my heart. Love it!!

Check it out...I love the floral detail and the crazing adds to the charm. It will look great in my hutch!!

Tell me, what have you found for $5 and some change??

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Hi-Lights

I hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day!! Mine started out with the fabulous handmade cards by the children with help from Daddy. Then to Church, we had nursery duty. Lunch at Red Robin, followed by playtime at the park. Came back home, I wanted a few minutes, or hours, to myself, so I watched the worst movie next to The Nightmare Before Christmas, Prime. Its the one where Uma Thurman's character is dating her therapist's son. Oh, you haven't seen it?? Don't waste the two hours. Seriously, you can thank me later. And if you did like it?? I'm sorry...

Okay, on to the fabulous parts...this card is from Jackson, my oldest. Love it!! I think Lilly actually drew a picture of she and I or Jackson and I. I have a flower on my outfit. So sweet. I love this homemade goodness.

Here is Fisher's card. Click on the photo to see the bubble commentary. I am the best mom ever!!

Lilly's card. Daddy drew Lilly and I. She picked out the stamps. Aren't they lovely?? I have to find a very special place to hang these. Hallmark, you don't have anything on my peeps!!

This one park is so cool. The play area is huge and then they have a big grassy area behind it. The park also has a lake and a loooonnngggggg walking trail. Ask me how I know!! Here is Jackson tackling rock climbing.

Lilly had fun on the slides. Yes, she is wearing tights and a turtleneck. No, it wasn't cold.

Fisher had a blast on the swings. His first time swinging at a park. He just laughed and laughed. It was so cute!!
Hope you all had a fabulous day!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Vintage Aprons

I love 'em!! Don't they look so cute hanging at the ready?? Just waiting on someone to put them on and clean house or bake something yummy...I have these hanging in my mini-hallway between the kitchen and dining room. I plan to hang some plates above the peg rack soon. I just need a few more. Its a horrible problem to have!! ;)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Enchanted Forest

This morning around 11:00 or so, I was folding clothes and looked out the living room window and saw two deer. I saw them a few days ago one evening when I was going out to spray paint as well. I got so excited to see them. There were two but I didn't get a good photo of both of them. And, obviously, these are in no particular order.

I think deer are just so beautiful and gentle. One of God's wonderful creations...

Silhouette Help!!

Hey Girls,
I am looking for an silhouette of a little girl holding a pumpkin. I know I saw it in a Fall issue of Country Living or Country Home probaby from 2005-2007. I believe it was an October issue. I remember it was a whole article on silhouettes. If any of you have that magazine and remember what I am talking about, could you please let me know?? I just need a photo of it. Y'all are the best!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy to report...

that Fisher seems fine and even took his first step today!! Oh, and Jackson asked for a gold tooth!! Hahahahaha!! Thank you all for your prayers!! We really appreciate them. Oh, and our kitchen is looking good!! Cory finished painting it while Fishie and I were at the hospital. Just need to do the backsplash, and I want to do beadboard under the bar. I will hopefully be posting photos of all that soon!!
Happy Monday, Friends!!

Fisher's first trip to the ER.

What a day!! Oh, yeah...there'll be no more of this. My little Houdini has learned out to wriggle himself out of his swing. I was showing Cory a chandelier that Jen found for my boy's room on the computer upstairs. We heard a huge thud sound and looked down and Fisher was on the ground. Our linoleum over concrete kitchen floor to be exact. He got a contussion. I called Children's Healthcare and the advice nurse called me back shortly. She asked me all these questions...I told her to the best of my ability. Really, Fisher was acting fine after he was consoled for a few moments. Playing and laughing. The nurse said that since he seemed fine and wasn't throwing up that he should be okay. Ha!! A few minutes after hanging up with her, Fisher threw up. Then after the third time, I called Children's back up. They said to take him to the ER. Off we went. Oh, yes, before we left, he threw up one more time on Cory.

We get there, wait...someone calls us back, takes his pulse, etc., then we wait some more. Then a very kind, classy lady saw us next. Made me wish I had actually showered and had makeup on. Anyway. She determined that my baby should have a CT. So, back to the waiting room some more. I heard Fisher's name again and a man comes out and says, "Are you it??" He said that we may need more people to hold Fisher down to do the CT. Thankfully, Fisher did wonderful and the guy went on saying how Fisher was the best patient and had made his day and now he could go home. He was getting off...We waited a little more, then the classy nurse came back and told us it would be a few more minutes and would we like to come sit back on the bed where she saw us earlier. I politely declined, but did ask if the CT came back unfavorably what would happen. She said in that case, they would rush him to the Children's hospital. I said I didn't think it would be bad and she agreed because his eyes looked fine and other things. She didn't really explain or give me any idea about his vomiting, though. So finally, we got the results and they were negative. PRAISE THE LORD!!!
We came back home. Cory told me he called up our good friend, Jeremy and had him pray. Then Jeremy's wife, Megan, called up some of the couples in our old Bible study group and had them praying. I was so glad we had so many people on our side praying for our little boy. God has truly blessed us with so many wonderful, Christian friends. I told Cory how well Fisher did in the CT and Cory said that he was praying that God would send Angels to be in there with him or Jesus Himself and that all would go well. I believe He was in there, because Fisher didn't cry or move while it was going on. We have to monitor Fisher tonight and see how he does thru tomorrow. I am prayfully hopeful that he will be okay. God is good!! Bye, bye swing...we'll miss you.