Monday, December 13, 2010

Cute gift idea...

Don't you just love getting inspiration from blogs?!?! I know I do!! If you've never been to Ashley Ann's blog, you are missing out. She has gorgeous photography, a cute home, super cute kids, and great craft ideas. One of the ideas that I love of her's is tweaking or embellishing plain candles.
I made this one for Jackson's teacher for Thanksgiving, but with Christmas fast approaching, I thought it would be perfect for a last minute gift.

What I used...a candle from Wal-Mart{this one is mulled cider-smells AMAZING-and is only about $3}, scrapbook paper, paper doily, mod podge, vintage seam binding, and twine...
I measured the flat part of my candle jar and cut my scrapbook paper to size. I then painted a little mod podge to the jar, just a light coat. Then I cut the doily in half and mod podged it on. Let it dry, then cut your seam binding and twine, tie around and voila, a cute, crafty, and inexpensive gift!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, to Anthropologie We Go...

My Mom, Violet, and I had a Mom and Daughter Outing today to celebrate my birthday. We went to Anthropologie, P.F. Chang's, and Goodwill. Oh. My. Gah. Girls!!! Anthropologie is AWESOME!!!!! Major eye candy, I tell ya!! I was smitten...Love that place. I'm fairly certain I could live in Anthro. Just give me some coffee and some food and I'm good to go. ;)
I had my Mom take some pictures to share with y'all. She has a fancy phone. I cannot even begin to use it...
The above pic is the storefront window. They had all kinds of evergreens, wrapped in coffee sacks. So cool...

These tree stumps are actually wrapped in corrugated cardboard. Who comes up with this stuff?!?!

Oh my word...a pinked piece of sandpaper and two matches rubber banded to the candles. Such a cute idea!! You can barely make out the Guest Check paper that its on, but someone had sewn a bunch of them together to make a table runner.

I'm thinkin' my boys need this deer in their room. The antlers are made of what appears to be pallets.

This of my favorites. Anthro has the cutest tea towels. Lucky for y'all you can make your own using my tutorial over at Life in Grace.

My other favorite section...I got a prize from this area!! I'll share it with y'all soon, promise. :)

Cute, cute towel!!

Oh my stars...this book idea was so cute!! These pinecones and acorns were made of felt and sooo cute!! Seriously, who comes up with this stuff??

I am so gonna knock off this bird pillow. Mark my word. Its fab!!
Thank you all for coming along, it was fun!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jenny!!!!

Today is my best friend, Jenny's, birthday!! Y'all go on over and wish her a Happy One...I'm pretty certain she's 29. Again. ;)
Happy Birthday, Jenny!! Love ya!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

15 Minutes...

Come and visit me over at Life In Grace
I am participating in the
Embellished Dishtowel Tutorials...
Y'all go check them out!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Swappin' with Emilie

Emilie and I decided to do another swap. A Falloween one...We've had several fun swaps together in the past and I knew I would love whatever she sent this time, too!! She made a gorgeous pennant banner-currently hanging in my dining room, a "bobo monster"-the kids love him, a pillow that I absolutely LOVE, fun paper napkins, cupcake liners, ribbon, stickers---Oh my gosh, I was looking at this thinking something was missing. Um yeah, I immediately put some of my other things{including a wreath, garland, and glittery skull} out that she sent, so that will have to be in another post. Oops...

Here is another pic...Emilie sent the kids a fun goody, too, but they ripped into those quickly. She also sent Violet leg warmers, a book, and a cute headband.

Here is a close-up of our lil' bobo monster. Lilly has claimed him and wants one for her birthday or Christmas.

Oh wow...this pillow is gorgeous!!

Here is Violet in her headband. I know you can't see the detail against the background very well...
As for what I sent...

Looking at the difference, it seems as though Emilie got the short end of the stick. I made the wreath, spooky banner, chalkboard plaque, tassel, and ruffled candy jar. I also sent a stamp set, tag, notepad, pumpkin plate, and glittered pumpkin.

Her children also got little goody bags and window clings.

Here is the blackbird tassel I made.

The yarn wreath...I just wrapped yarn around a straw wreath, stacked circles and pinned them on, and hot glued the scrabble letters. I love the way it turned out!!

The burlap banner-look for a tutorial on that next week.

Here is the chalkboard plaque. It was originally a not super cute number from Target's $ section. I just rolled some chalkboard paint on one side and mod podged scrapbook paper on the back. I also replaced the original ribbon with wire and tied fun ribbon on it. Emilie can write whatever message she pleases, too.

The back...I just love this paper. Oh, if you go to Emilie's blog, you will notice we have the same knobs!!
Thank you, Emilie, for another fun swap!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Blessings all around...

Good Morning!! Wow, what a weekend!! I have to share lots with y'all. Saturday morning I awoke to, "Mom, the refrigerator is not working." Oh no. I'll say that our fridge was older. I bought it 9 years ago and it was probably about six years old then. The freezer has been freezing up a lot lately and ruining food, particularly ice cream. The bottom shelf on the fridge part{it was a fridge on top, freezer on bottom} would freeze whatever was in the chill drawers, so it was just a matter of time. Anyway, we were gifted by an anonymous source{we know who, they just want to be on the down low ;)} with this brand new refrigerator. God is so good, y'all!! I'm really on my last nerve with all the blows we've dealt with this year, but God has brought us thru every one. Still waiting on our van, though, and that is not making me super duper happy...

Anyway, love this beaut!! The rest of our appliances are black and stainless so this one looks much better than our big white one. Thank you, you know who you are!!

I posted about this wall some time ago last year. I have wanted to add beadboard to this wall since we moved in and the funds, etc. just haven't been there. Well, one day I was driving in the older downtown area of my little town and beside the fence of this house was a ton of beadboard. I asked the gentleman sitting on his porch if it was his wood and he said I could take it. Y'all, there was at least two full sheets and lots of smaller, but tall enough pieces. I love how God provides for even our smallest little desires!! Then, at Wal-Mart, I was looking at the oops paint and what did I find but the very blush, petal pink paint I was wanting for my laundry room!! Color me happy, girls!!
One last shout out...The wonderful, kind, sweet Heather of Blessed Little Nest is responsible for my cute new look. I mentioned that I loved her blog look and she so kindly offered to do mine. I am so not computer savvy, so this was a real treat. Thank you so much, Heather!!
Linking up to Heather's Life Made Lovely Monday.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Victory is Mine!!!!

Sooo...I got up bright and early{not so bright, actually, but whatever} and went back to the yard sale where I saw this beauty yesterday. I asked the lady, who is 74, if she would come off the price and she said, "No, I'm funny like that, but I'd rather give it to the needy than to come down." Um, okay. I said that I only had $40 on me. That was as high as I was willing to go. I told her I'd have to ask my husband and she hands me her phone. She's a spunky one!! I called him and said that they wouldn't come down and he said that $50 was a little steep. I told her I'd have to think about it. By that time her son-in-law had gotten there and so I asked about these three chairs that they had. He told me they were $5 for each one. I started walking towards the chairs and I overhead the lady ask if he'd take forty for the cabinet. He asked what I was doing with it. Apparently they were concerned that I was going to buy it and turn around to re-sell it. Um, no!! I told them I was going to use it and that I loved it. They agreed to $40 as that was all I had on me. He said that for $50 that I could have the cabinet and all three chairs, to which I replied, "I only have forty." He then said that I could have the cabinet and all three chairs for $40!! God is so good!! So let's see...I either paid $40 for the cabinet and got the chairs for free or I paid $25 for the piece and $5 for each chair. Either way, I won.
By the way, what color do I paint her?? I'm leaning towards green...

Love the lines on these chairs!! They are so cute!!
What good deals have y'all gotten lately??

Friday, October 15, 2010


I took Jackson to school this morning and on the way home passed a yard sale sign. It was in an old folk neighborhood and wow, was it great!! I got this at one sale. I think the lady used to have a booth at an antique shop. I loved the stitchery on this runner{I assume, but it will be getting cut up and the other half going clear across the US to my bestie}. Oh deer{pun intended}, is it ever so cute!! The pillowcase...well, I cannot pass up vintage floral. The frame is pretty awesome, too!! It will definitely be getting a makeover.
Here's a close-up. Aren't these deer sweet??

At another house, this couple was selling some old tools and I did get some wood-1x4's to make signs. I saw this plant stand in their garage and asked about it and the lady gave it to me for only $2. I also got a bunch of chicken wire at another house. I'm doing another craft show and I was thinking I would make chicken wire cloches as well as frames.
One thing I passed up but cannot get off my mind is this gorgeous cabinet. It needs some lovin', but I may need it. What do you think?? Would you pay $50 for it?? I'm a little cheap and don't really want to pay that much, but it is a sweet piece and OLD. The lady selling it said it was over 100 years old. Someone started to refinish it, the brown squares at the top are actually doors. They need hinges and some of the veneer seems to be loosening up in areas and half the hardware is missing. I just think it is so unique and my husband thought it was cute, so we'll see. If its still there later then its meant to be, right??
Happy Fall to you!! I'll be back with pics of my home. I've been nesting for Fall.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Call me crazy...

but when I imagine my family going somewhere, I imagine what we will wear. This year when I think of going to the pumpkin patch or the apple orchard, I am seeing my girls in Matilda Jane-esque clothing. Since I don't have MJ money, I will make my own. Let's see what I come up with...
What about y'all?? Do y'all do the same...dress yourself or your kids in your mind??

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just poppin' in...

Where to start...
*Well, my computer decided to crash right after I finished my last post. I was without a computer for over a week, but thankfully, my dad had one. It wasn't his, just left where he lives. I am very grateful to have this computer but all my photos, etc. are on my other one and I have to figure out how to get them. I hope they aren't gone forever, because they weren't backed up. :(
*Amy and I held a Vintage Barn Sale at her house a few weeks ago. It went great!! So much fun!! Y'all can go see a few photos on her blog.
*My van decided not to crank-story of my life. We were loaded up the Sunday after the barn sale and it wouldn't turn over. With six people we can't go anywhere without our van. We called a mechanic and he kindly offered to come to our house Wednesday to see if he could fix it here, but never showed and never called. How we are going to work out going to church I have no idea. I am extremely frustrated with all of our car troubles lately. Out of three cars we have, only one works. Thankfully, it is the one I know how to drive.
*I am doing a craft boutique with a friend the first weekend of November and so I'll be busy making and doing for it. I plan to have a couple of tutorials for y'all as I make things. Great for Christmas gifts, etc!!
*Jackson's birthday is the end of this month, so I am also busy preparing for it. We are going with a camping theme and I am so excited by this one!! I plan for the boys and girls to take a nature walk thru the woods to gather fire-making supplies. We will roast hot dogs and have s'mores also. I would love to find a projector and show a movie on the back of the house. We'll see how it all pans out. You know I'll be sharing more about that later.
*Ooh, we are finally getting to our master bedroom and I am EXCITED!!! I finally have a vision and it includes burlap and pallets!! Cory and I will be painting tomorrow. I found some gorgeous bedding at Ikea, but they were out when we went last, so I am waiting for it to be restocked. I'll definitely share the outcome of that, also.
*Violet is 9 weeks old now and will probably think her name is Tinkerbelle as that is what I mostly call her. Lilly loves her and treats her like she is her little doll. She is such a great helper. Fisher loves to give her hugs and points to my upper regions and says, "Vivet eat." Oh that boy...I could just about smooch him all day long!! I have a special breakfast date with Jackson tomorrow and I am so excited about that. I feel like he is getting the short end of the stick sometimes. I have no idea how big families fit everyone all in.
* We painted our chalkboard wall and the kids are lovin' it!! As soon as I figure out how to upload my pics{I assume I'll just plug in the cord??}, I will show that to y'all. I also am working on my ever-evolving foyer. I found a really cool bench at an estate sale. I am finding my style veering off ever so slightly from my vintage farmhouse and wow, its fun and yet throwing me for a loop. Can y'all believe I've hardly decorated for Fall?? Two or three years ago it was balls to the wall Fall in August.

Well...I think that's about it. See you soon...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Love from idea

I know most of y'all know about my little Lillybug and how she came to be diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Go here to get caught up. It's fine, I'll be here waiting. ;)

Okay, you back with me?? Shortly thereafter, Jenny made this doll for Lilly, complete with shot spots. You can see her in more detail here. Love her!! Jenny is such a good friend and so thoughtful!!

Anyway, the other day I had an idea-a God-given idea-to make a bunch of dolls and take them to the hospital where Lilly stayed. I want every child that comes thru there to have their own little doll. I will make them like the one above{I made this one for a friend's child-saw similar ones on Little Bit Funky and Black Apple, but I drew my own pattern}, in different skin tones and hair colors. Boys even!! I do want to put red hearts in the shot areas like Jenny did with the one she made. My plan is to get a bunch of my friends together at my home to sew and stuff these girls and boys up. Put them in a large cellophane bag and tied up with a tag.
I would like the tag to say Love from Lilly and a Bible verse-the first one that sprang to mind is Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you hope and a future." There was another verse, but at the moment I cannot think of it...Feel free to share any that y'all may like.
Its a scary and unknown thing. I remember well the day, one of the last days that we were in the hospital and Lilly looked at me and said, "I'll be glad when we can leave the hospital and I don't have to get anymore shots." Broke my heart, y'all...I mean, all she knows is one day she felt poopy and the next, she's in a strange place hooked up to all kinds of machines, etc. Anyway, I just want to ease the transition for the families. This is just a small way I feel I can help, you know??
My goal is for this to happen before her one year anniversary, which is in February, if not sooner.

Things I am going to be looking for{this is in no way a hint, by the way, just a list for myself, so I don't forget}:
Needle-less syringes
Cream colored fabric
Brown fabric
Red felt hearts
Fun fabric
Some of these things, like the cream and brown fabric, I will use sheets for-more economical. If any of you know where I might find the syringes and hearts, do share. I was planning to look on etsy for the hearts. Jenny cut out the hearts on Lilly's doll, but I am planning on making a lot and honestly, the idea of cutting out hundreds of hearts isn't appealing.

There it is...Love from Lilly

Hope y'all have a great day!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Go getcha some!!

The generous people over at Feed Your Soul have free art that you can download and print off. They believe that even in these tough economic times, people ought to be able to enjoy art. I love it!! These are just a few of my faves...Go here and find your favorites. A big thank you to all the artists who have contributed at Feed Your Soul!!
Linking up to Blessed Little Nest, for Life Made Lovely Monday, cause not much is lovelier than art, free art at that.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chicken Chili

Just had this last night and thought I'd re-post it for you newcomer's. Enjoy!!

Linking up to Kellie's Fall Festival.

Oh, a shameless cry for help-can anyone tell me how to make a cute banner?? My blog looks like a hot mess...

Happy Fall!!

I have really been getting in the mood for Fall with this cooler weather we are having. This is one of my favorite meals to have. In fact, at our rehearsal dinner we had two different chili's and the fixin's. Needless to say, it was a very casual event.

Chicken Chili

1 lb. chicken cooked and cubed*
1 onion, chopped
2-3 cloves of garlic, crushed
1(14 oz) can chicken broth
2(14 oz) cans great northern beans(drain one can)
1(3 oz) can chopped green chilies, with liquid
2 tsp. cumin
1 tsp. oregano

Saute the onion in a little bit of olive oil until tender. Add chicken and garlic. Cook until chicken is done. Add the rest of the ingredients. Bring to a boil, then simmer for at least 15 minutes. Garnish with shredded cheese, sour cream, salsa, and tortilla chips if desired.

*I like to cut my chicken while it is still somewhat frozen, if using frozen chicken. It cooks quicker that way and seems easier to cut.
Last night I only had one can of great northern beans so I substituted a can of black beans. If you like the chili soupier you can add another can of broth.
Hope you enjoy!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Beautiful Monday...

Good Morning, y'all!! I was up early this morning and loved the way the sun looked shining in my dining room. I had to capture the lovely-ness. The weather was crisp and cool-felt like Fall...wonderful...

I decided to make things a little more special since there was no rush getting "The boys" off to school and work. I made quiche and semi-homemade donuts and set the table with a cloth-albeit a wrinkled one-but it just adds to the specialness.

Even the kids got in on it and decided to set the table. I think little as they are they still appreciate and love the thoughtful touches, don't you agree??
How about you, how are you celebrating life this Monday??
Linking up to Heather-Blessed Little Nest...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chalk it up to good design.

Hey y'all!! I've got a major hankerin' to slap some chalkboard paint up on my hall leading from my foyer. I was standing in the living room to get this shot.
I have found some great examples to share with y'all...

I love Kellie's, from This Blessed Nest, chalkboard hallway. I think the trimwork finishes it off nicely.

Then, there's Heather's{ Blessed Little Nest} red chalkboard wall. LOVE it!!
Oh, oh...y'all have GOT to go see this chalkboard wall. Gorgeous...
Stay tuned to see what we do!!