Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Birds of a feather...

Oh my gosh, y'all, I received a very lovely package today!! I participated in Lori's Birdie Swap and had Heidi for a partner. Let me tell you, Heidi did not disappoint. Look how cute it was packaged!! Love the bird confetti!!

Love the twine!! So natural and rustic...That box on the right has scallops, y'all, scallops!! I love me a good scallop. The shape not the food!! ;) The bird tag on there is so sweet, too.

Another sweet box, with a bird on it!! Look at all that bow...Heidi knows how to make things super special!!

I see my name...love it!! Growing up I could never find anything with my name on it. This just tickled me!!

All of my goodies...beautiful cards, a robin print, tags, book plates, earrings-wore those today, stickers, a make-up bag, two bird plates.

"to each bird, it's own nest is beautiful" Look how gorgeous these cards are. I will have to take the ribbon{actually seam binding} off and take another photo. These cards are one of my favorite things in the package and I plan to frame one. Can't get any better than a bird with a crown, a nest, and a skeleton key tag...And those colors...be still my heart!!

These plates will look lovely in my chocolate dining room.

The book plates on the left are going to be great to mark my decorating and craft books. Cookbooks, too. Love the bird tags on the right. I do have quite an affection for tags, lately.

The bird in the frame is just so pretty and Lilly took it upon herself to place it on the mantle. I am getting her trained early. ;)

Love the fabric of the make-up bag!! Great colors!! I am forever misplacing my lipsticks in my purse{or rather, Lilly is constantly "borrowing" them!!}, hopefully, this will help!!

The lovely robin print that I also plan to frame.
Thank you, Heidi, for such a lovely package!! Thank you, Lori, for hosting the swap and for giving me such a great partner!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lilly's Room...Brace Yourselves

*Let me preface this post by saying that Lilly and I are free spirits and would rather make messes then cleaning them up!! Clearly...
I thought I would show a before{albeit, a very bad before} photo of her room. There are no afters yet...I do have wonderful plans for her room. Lilly wants pink walls{I don't}, but I think I will let her have her girly wishes. We'll see. At any rate, I am going to put shutters on either sides of her windows. I plan to make a valance from an old pink chenille bedspread I have and edge the bottom with yo-yo's. Therein lies my problem with pink walls. I would rather do her room the same color as the half bath. I need to make a duvet cover for her bed and maybe a sham as well. Luckily, we have beautiful furniture to work with. Love the antique metal bed!! You can click here and here {I actually love this girl's whole house!!} for some inspiration. I am going for a vintage-y, cottage-y, Granny's Attic kind of feel in here.

Here is the opposite view of Lilly's room. I got the black cabinet for $25. It still needs a little help. The bookcase to the right I would like to put somewhere else in the house. I am thinking of hanging an accordian hook on the left by the closet door for her dress up clothes.

Lilly would like to offer you a strawberry for some housekeeping!! Hahahahaha!!
What do y'all think?? Let the girl have a pink room?? Or do I pull rank and just have pink accents?? Help!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bunny Tags

I just love a fun tag, don't y'all?? I haven't considered myself a tag maker, but recently have been having fun trying. Jen hosts a tag swap and while I didn't join her previous ones{I didn't think I would have any ideas or that they wouldn't be good}, but knew after I saw some of hers, that I had to join this time around.
I made these to look like chocolate bunny heads. I just layed my tag on scrapbook paper and traced it around and cut it out. I used a hole punch to add a hole, then mod podged it to the tag. While it was drying, I cut out the bunny heads out of brown felt and cut the flowers{they came on a ribbon spool from the dollar section at Michael's.} Once the tags were dry, I used Allene's craft glue to glue on the bunny heads, then the flowers. I let those set up then I got my April stamp{it is in a set of the clear acrylic date stamps from Target} and stamped it on, then took my ink pad and glided it along the edges of the tag to age it a bit. I love lots of yummy ribbon, so I cut five pieces of the dotted swiss ribbon and five of the chocolate satin, and white ricrac. You will want to make the ribbon you loop thru a little longer than the other ones. Once, I thread the base ribbon thru and tied it one time, then I put the other two ribbons on and tied the pink ribbon again, knotting them all together. There you go, a cute tag that you can either clip to a wire display{see Jen's here} or use to embellish a gift. I have even seen someone hang them on an Easter tree.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


We had a busy week last week so we really didn't celebrate St. Patrick's Day{except to eat corned beef and cabbage}, so yesterday we made green pancakes. Here is Lilly with her shamrock pancake.

Green breakfast...green pancakes, granny smith apple, green milk. Sorry the photo is so dark-it was{and still is} raining and our overhead light is out. Apparently we are not replacing the bulbs. ;)

Then, later on in our pajama day Wednesday{keep wanting to write Monday??}, the big kids decided to teach Fisher how to walk. I was suprised at how well he did.
{Yes, our fridge is white and everything else is black and stainless, but why replace what works fine?? I am thinking of painting it. Have any of y'all tried that??}

Somebody needs some V8...

Oop...better look where we're going...

Now he knows I am photographing. Hey Mama!!

This reminds me of those commercials...Whazup??
There was our Wednesday...wonder what today will bring?? Oh, I know. Gotta go to the post office in the pouring rain, and then the grocery store to get some ingredients for Williamsburg Turkey Soup, minus the turkey, and then I am going to be a single mom. Husband has to work late. With the layoffs and cutting of hours, he has to pull his weight and then some, but I am thankful he still has his job. God is Good!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Yes, I have a few little quirks that y'all don't already know about. I buy my paper goods based on their texture or imprint. I love the flowers on the napkins above. No seashells or ivy for me. ;)

I love the quilted look of the Sparkle one above. I used to buy the printed paper towels, but I now love the simple look of white.

One time at Kroger, I couldn't find white Sparkle paper towels, so I bought the Kroger brand ones. I actually love the look of these better.
Sooo...here is another of my quirks. Anybody with me on this one??

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Heart Other People's Junk!!

I haven't been thrifting in a while. At least it seems that way...I know I went to Goodwill and got the kids a couple of books and a cheese dome that I have grand plans for, but I didn't get anything too terribly exciting. Well, I went to my old{GREAT} Goodwill Tuesday after ballet and then to another thrift shop and hit the motherload. Then today, while out in my Mom's neck of the woods, I went to this estate sale shop that I have been wanting some stuff from. I didn't get the things last time and vowed that when I went back, and if money allowed, that I would get them. Didn't exactly get everything I set out for, but did get some great stuff.
I passed this bench up back in the fall, because we didn't have the funds for it and we were still in our rental and I didn't know if I would have space for it. I called the lady and she still had it. I was so excited!! After I paint it, it is going in the dining room with all my other thrifted furniture. Just cause I know you are dying to know, I paid $35 for it!! She gave the book to me, too.

The gingerbread man was a Goodwill find from a few days or a week ago. I love gingerbread men!! I am just going to change out his tie for something that will match my home.

Who-o-o-o could this owl and jar with a G be for?? Hmmm...I plan on making the bell jar into a cloche and paint the frame.

I love egg baskets and this one was so much cheaper than I have ever seen one. I looked for them on ebay before. Ouch!! The masher will become a recipe holder. The plaque in the background I plan to repurpose.

I got some frames to repaint. Don't exactly care for the pheasant print but the chunky wood frame is awesome!! A little container of glitter, the chunky kind!! The mini muffin tin is brand new and still had it original $25.99 price tag from Kohls. I paid $5.

I also love picnic baskets. This one will join my others on top of my armoire. The jar...love it, but the potpourri's gotta go!!

Some more ugly frames with potential. The red and white printed linens are a Pottery Barn full size duvet cover and shams. I am hoping to make something off of them to help offset what I spent. I could not pass up the squirrel print crib sheet for Fisher's bed. You all know how I heart squirrels. The lavender rose print Laura Ashley pillowcase will look pretty on Lilly's bed or make a super cute pillowcase dress.

We also got Lilly a skirt. Oh, the bedside carafe is from Southern Living at HOME and cost a fraction of the regular price. It helps to know what you are looking at. I also just love it and think the etching on it is so pretty. If you have one and don't know what to do with it, its great for holding mouthwash on your bathroom countertop.

Just another view. Not sure what I am doing with the basket, but I have seen something on a blog and liked what they did with a similar basket. Now where was that??

Love, love, love a pretty apron!! Someone put a lot of thought and detail into this one. Isn't it pretty??

A full size shot. Whoever made it was tiny, I don't think it would go around my waist. No worries, its going to hang in my {not} farmhouse kitchen!!

I almost didn't get the plates. Jen said I should. Yes, I called her to ask her opinion!! Glad I did, because they are going for a pretty penny on ebay!! They are by Rosanna and sold at Anthropologie and Williams Sonoma and probably elsewhere, too. I paid a dollar for each of them.
Thanks for checking out my treasures!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Food deals and something to say...

Have y'all ever heard of Angelfood Ministries?? Ever bought food from them?? If you have what are your opinions?? Yes, I read, briefly, the hullabaloo about the execs of the company. What I am asking, though, is were you pleased with the food and quality/value of it??

On to another food deal...I've noticed that Publix and Ingles, and probably Kroger, if I paid any attention, have lowered the price on some products we use everyday. Ingles has their milk for about $2.60 a gallon and I've seen that Publix has lowered their price on milk as well. I was just telling my sister in law that while I'm not happy about what all is going on in the economy{as it directly affects them-my brother, who lost his other job, is now at a low paying job just to help buy food and pay some bills and SIL had to get a job, where she used to stay home and homeschool their girls}, BUT I was glad that some food items we use have lowered in price. I wasn't meaning to be insensitive to their, or any one else's, position, but if there was any silver lining, a lesser grocery bill would be a portion of it.

The economy hasn't directly affected us yet. Though they have done quite a few layoffs at my husband's job, as well as the hourly employees have had their time cut. Thankfully, my husband is salaried, otherwise, we wouldn't be making it. So, YES, I am GLAD the milk is cheaper!!! I am sorry that anyone is going through tough economic times. We've been there. Our bills for this house are ridiculous. So much more than we've ever paid. So when my husband is home and not breaking his back to have to keep us afloat, I am grateful. I am not, however, freaking out and hoarding. Maybe I should, I don't know. Any opinions on that one??

Sorry for the bummer post, but really wanted to ask about Angelfood and get the other off my chest. Its a biggin' already!! ;)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

True Confession

Do y'all remember that magazine?? Kind of trashy, but my friend and I used to read her mom's copies. Anyway, this isn't trashy, so have fun reading!! Or not, its up to you!!
Confession Survey
1)What is your blogger name?
2)When is your birthday?
November 11
3) How long have you been blogging?
10 months, I think??
4) Who tagged you?
Jes By the way, where is your music?? I miss it!!
5) Tell me your 5 most favorite body parts?
I like my eyes, nose, my legs used to be nice. Beyond that, I am just glad they all work!!
6) What do you wish most for your birthday?
Like something that could actually happen or a fantasy?? For real, maybe money to go antiquing or thrifting, but if I'm shooting for the moon, then I would love for my home to be paid off.
7) What color are your nails now?
Au naturel. My toenails are black, though!!
8) Any depressing thoughts lately?
Nah...try not to go there!!
9) What's your next 1 month's plan?
Unpack, paint, decorate, and maybe plant some things. I would love to have a garden. Except, I have a black thumb!!
10) At what age did you have your first crush?
Probably in Kindergarten...I am going back into the recesses of my brain trying to figure it out!!
11) Did you attend any school reunion after you graduated?
Yes, and it was a big waste of money!!
12) Are you a clean freak?
Um, I like for things to be clean, but I am not a neat freak. I wish I were, though!!
13) Which era do you wish you were born in?
I love our modern conveniences, but I would have loved to have lived long ago. Take that back. I love AC too much!!
14) Are you a vegetarian?
No...I tried for a day and was so ill{mean}, husband nipped that in the bud!!
15) How many pillows do you sleep with at night?
16) Are you a light sleeper or I-don't-care-if-there's-a bomb sleeper?
I am a light sleeper. Always have been. Besides, someone has to wake up with the kids.
17) Do you secretly wear comfortable grandma panties when your husband is not around?
I ALWAYS go for comfort!!
18) What is your ultimate dream job?
I'm living it!!
I did want to be a singer and actress when I was younger.
19) What is it your hubby does that annoys you the most?
Um, my husband is perfect!! Just kidding...He doesn't "appreciate" my free spirit tendencies. I.E. CLUTTER!!! Hahahahaha!!!
20) What is your dream car?
Anything paid for that runs. Which is what we have!!
21) Do you easily wake up in the morning?
Depends on what time I go to bed. If I hit the hay early, say around 10pm, then yes, I can wake up easily.
22) Do you like hairy men? goateed men?
No to back hair, YES to facial hair!!
23) What would you prefer? two hour spa, two hour foot massage, or 2 hour Thai massage?
How about the money it would cost and I can go shopping!!
24) Have you ever wished you had a different name?
No. I will say that when called Elsie it was bothersome. Or when I would tell people my name and they would say Enise, Denise, or some other such non-sense. Now, I like being unique!!
25) What is the most extreme sport you have ever done?
I went parasailing once, but don't know if that is considered a sport. It was kind of extreme for someone afraid of heights!!
26) Do you prefer traveling in Europe or Asia?
Love Europe, never been to Asia.
27) What is your favorite food?
I like it all, especially if I don't have to cook it!!
28) What is the most embarrasing moment you had on a date?
I don't think I've had an embarrasing moment. I don't embarrass easily.

Now, I am supposed to tag others, but I am electing not to. ;)
Happy Saturday!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beef Dip, Bunnies, and Curtains, Oh my!!

Last night I made the most delicious meal. Jen{do I talk about her a lot, or what??} gave me the original recipe, but I've tweaked it a little.

Beef Dip
2.5 lb beef chuck roast{more or less, depending on how much you want}
2/3 cup soy sauce
4 cups water
1 packet of Au Jus
couple cloves of garlic
garlic powder
meat tenderizer
Rinse your meat and pat dry. Sprinkle with meat tenderizer and garlic powder. Place in crock pot. Using a garlic press, put garlic over the meat. Pour soy sauce on top of meat. Mix Au Jus packet with water. Pour around the meat. Cook on low heat 6-10 hours. The longer the better.
Remove the meat and shred. Serve on sub-type rolls, buttered and toasted. Dip in the liquid. Enjoy!!

*Jen's original recipe had some other herbs, but I didn't have them on hand so I don't use them now. Also, her recipe said to serve on Columbo rolls, which I haven't seen, so I just get the sub-type rolls. This recipe is great and makes a lot!!

Now onto the bunnies. See above photo. Jen made the chocolate bunnies and I had to have them. Three of them for my three little bunnies. Aren't they cute?? They will be perfect in my Easter decor!!

I was so inspired by Cherry's Red post, that I finally made some valances for my own kitchen. I've had the red floral print for about a year now. Its the same as on my ottoman{you can see a picture of it in this post}. I just used chocolate burlap for the lining and folded them over and clipped. Then, I used little nail trim things{the name escapes me-the decorative round things you use on furniture} to hang them. I am eventually going to do a shelf like Amy's and will rehang the curtains. I couldn't wait to get them hung though!!

Sorry the pictures are so dark. Maybe if you enlarge them you can get a better idea of what they look like.
We have so many projects for this house, but baby steps, y'all!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some junk for Jen

Just thought I'd share what I sent to Jen for our little swap. This is what was in Box 1. A yo-yo G. Jen loves G's so a monogram is a must in every swap!! She is helping out my collection of R's too!! I made Jen a tassel she could display everyday. I embellished a towel with a bird on a branch, sent her some of those eggs I posted about here. A nest sign, a bird plaque and few other goodies rounded out this box.

Here are the eggs. They are so pretty in person. I think my photography skills{or lack of} don't quite show their beauty adequately. Once they were all dry, I tied pink velvet ribbon and brown seam binding on. I also snipped the back of some vintage screw on earrings and glued them on. You could also use buttons.
The bird and branch were cut out on my cricut using the Storybook font. That is probably my personal favorite font!! The skeleton key came from the local hardware store and was brass originally. Nothing a little spraypaint can't help!!

The sign...Again, I used the Storybook font on my cricut. Love that thing!! Get it from Wal-Mart, though, the big one is much less than at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc.

Here is the bird tassel. If you want to make your own, you can click here.

The yo-yo G. Jen loves green so it was an obvious choice to use for the yo-yo's and frame.
I love making things for people that I know will appreciate them!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tweet Mail from Jen

Jen{my eternal swap partner!!} and I decided to do a Springy/Nesty/Birdie/Eggy swap between ourselves. I received my first box on Valentine's Day and somehow managed to not take but one photo of it. Anyhow, I got the second box last week. I {HEART} Jen sooo much, y'all don't even know!! Lets see what all is here...Love the framed R she made with a lil' blue bird. A little cottage, a rag nest, another R, fun eggs, the bird silhouette-love it so much!!, a pennant banner, little blue birds-for my etsy cards{don't even ask about the shoppe ;)}, an egg in a nest embroidery-Jen's creativity blows me away, a little rag puff ball, oh my gosh-a yo-yo mobile!!, a chocolate bunny-yum, a super cute embellished towel, an egg ornament that somehow escaped being photographed, along with a cute yo-yo magnet that Lilly tried to claim for herself, silly girl. Oh, and my pictures uploaded in a totally random format!!

Check out this mobile. Is it not the cutest thing you have ever seen?? I was speechless...or maybe I squealed!!

Here is the second box as I opened it.

Here is most of the loot. Here is a link and another to the photos Jen took. My batteries died after this picture and I couldn't get detailed pics of a few things.
Thank you Jen, I love it all!! If you girls are ever lucky enough to have Jen for a partner you will love her!! Though you probably won't, I'm keeping her for myself!! ;)