Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dining room paint color-opinions wanted!!

Hey y'all!! I so want to paint these ugly, blah walls in my formal dining room. Preferably right after Thanksgiving. I am not totally sure what color I want to do. I always wanted a red dining room, but now I am undecided. I am possibly thinking chocolate. Maybe green. The only reason I wouldn't do green is because we are thinking about painting the kitchen and living room green. We get a lot of natural light in there, so I think it could handle being a darker color. Currently, we don't have a table, but I want a picnic table painted antique white. I would do mis-matched chairs. My china cabinet is black, but could be painted green.

I know its hard to tell the color on a small paint chip, but this is the darker chocolate color.

This is the lighter shade, a bit more on the cocoa side. If we paint the walls brown, I will make curtains out of brown and cream toile. If we paint them red, I will make the curtains from the floral fabric from my ottoman(pictured below).

Okay, so what do you think??

Edited: I love Shannon's dining room color.
Edited again: I really love Katie's color.

Friday, November 21, 2008

My dining room is talking to me...

and she really, really wants this chandelier from Pottery Barn. Isn't it gorgeous?? Since Pottery Barn is just not in my budget, I have to make do. :(
Scroll down to see what I came up with.

Plain Jane before. I added a little crystal garland I already had and while its nothing like the one I really want, it was affordable!! It adds a little sparkle and for now it will do.
What do y'all think?? Oh, and I am very aware of the blah walls, but that is another post.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Few Fall Touches

Y'all, I am sooo ready to decorate for Christmas, but first wanted to show y'all a little Fall around the ole' homestead. My friend, Michelle, painted the Pumpkin Thyme sign for me. I saw a similar one in Country Sampler magazine. I got the wood(cabinet door-?) at a yard sale for a $1!! Jenny made the FALL banner for me for the Thanksgiving (not so) Mini Swap. I got the snow angel from one of my antique shops' Christmas open house. I know she is technically a Christmas decoration, but I was too lazy to go unpack more boxes to find some more fally. The jars are holding rosehips and cinnamon sticks and a votive candle.

I actually didn't do this next one. I came down stairs and was going to turn the light off and found my acorn ornament on here. My kids make me laugh!!

Here I just tied a candle ring from Michael's on the bunny weathervane with chocolate ribbon. I love the look. Again, the armoire is a little sparse, but I really didn't feel like hauling everything out.

My kitchen counter...The pot that Monica made for me for the Harvest Swap. The acorn and turkey bowl filler that Jenny made for me. The tag in the dough bowl came in a giveaway I won from Joyfullness. I thought it was so cute and it matched. I plan on using this idea on Christmas presents. The little muffin tin I got recently from The Potter's House Thrift Store for 77 cents!! I love the design. Not sure if you can tell, but maybe if you click on the picture to see it bigger you will see the detail. I just filled every other well with pumpkin pods and votives. Same for the tart tins. I love this section of my counter. Its so funny, because last week I had this vingette in my corner and my microwave on the side counter. My mom visited last weekend to help unpack and I left the room and came back to see my microwave in the corner and this in its place. I laughed and my mom knew exactly what I was laughing about. I actually did this in my in-law's home. Like mother, like daughter!! Do y'all ever tweak someone else's home?? I know I am guilty. I have moved two firescreens in two different friends' homes. For the record, they did look better afterward. ;)

This photo is a little dark, but it is a brown leaf plate with acorn salt and pepper shakers. Its so simple but makes me happy. Apparently, it doesn't take much!!

I hope you are all having a happy week!! ABC Family has started their Christmas programs and I am getting so excited!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Harvest Swap-What I Gave

Just wanted to show y'all what I gave Monica for the Harvest Swap. I made the Harvest verse craft. That was inspired by another project that Monica taught us to make. Her favorite Chai is packaged up already. I got her a magazine, chocolate cookbook, Thanksgiving stickers, napkins(is it bad that I push one of my obsessions onto other people??), turkey spreaders with two of my favorite spreader-needing appetizers, goody bags for her little ladies, and a pumpkin made from dried natural materials. I actually found a bunch of those pumpkins and other similar ones at Garden Ridge a few summers ago for a penny each!! Can you believe it?!?! I got at least 5o of them. If you didn't see what Monica got me, just click here.

I loved being able to tie in this verse into the swap. I feel its a very fitting verse for Monica also, as I view her blog as her mission field somewhat.

I stenciled "punkin" on an old shutter slat.

All packaged up and ready to go. I have to say, I quite love making tags now. I have two more swaps to go and I am finished!! Whew, its been a crazy, swappy season for me.

Monday, November 17, 2008


is the first name that doesn't suit me...Thankfully, my mom opted to call me Elise. No offense to all you Christine's out there. I think its a pretty name and a little old-fashioned(I love old-fashion names), but just not me.

Totally unrelated...this is Fisher playing guitar with Daddy. He always looks so curious with those eyebrows. He gets those from his Daddy. Other times, I think he looks like Jackson and my oldest brother.

Ted, my oldest brother...Fisher reminds me more of Ted's baby pictures and sometimes of one of his daughter's, but I cannot cough up one of those photos for y'all right now.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

6 years

My oldest, my sweet boy, turned 6 on October 27th. Yeah, I am a little late posting this. I couldn't not post about Jackson's birthday though. What kind of mother would I be?? We started the day off with pancakes at the birthday boys request.

Big 6. Where has the time gone??

I asked Jackson if he minded a birthday brownie since we had cake for his party that Saturday before. He said, "Sure, but I want a monster brownie." Okay...This is my feeble attempt at a monster.

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Jackson, happy birthday to you.

The boy wanted the monster piece of course. He also needed to act like one for the picture!!

My husband and I were married on November 3rd, 2001. We wanted to wait a few years to have children. I decided to get birth control in January. A little too late...I was waiting to start and never did. Uh, huh. I bought a test and sure enough it was positive. We were both excited and nervous. Jackson came exactly a week before our first anniversary. In fact, while I was laid up at home, healing from the c-section, my husband and his friend went out to eat that first anniversary. I did give him permission. Sort of. It was all very romantic as you can imagine. ;)
Its been a great and trying six years. Raising children is nothing like I thought it would be, but it is rewarding.
Happy 6th Birthday, Jackson!! We love you!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Harvest Swap

When Monica at The Homespun Heart and her sister, Carrie, posted about their upcoming Harvest swap I just knew I had to join. Big surprise, right?!?! This blog has become nothing but swappy almost. Anyway, I was fortunate to be paired up with Monica herself. I was so excited!! This girl is like Martha but so sweet and thrifty. Anyhow, this is what she got me. Knowing I love embroidery hoops, she made a stitchery and framed it in an old metal one(which I have never seen before.) Let's see...she also got me stickers, a leaf punch(my kids love this-they could punch all day), a fun Harvest notepad, ribbon(I do love me some ribbon!), vintage cookbooks(love 'em), some food markers that she made(I loved these ever since I saw them on her Anne post-I tried to link directly to the post, but it won't let me. Its in her September 2008 archives.), a pot with a cute fall mini wreath, a card making kit, a candle(its French, what, you've never heard of Glade'-hee, hee!! Sorry, couldn't resist!!), Indian corn, and a cute crate that says Thanks in orange glitter letters with a pumpkin pod. Love it all!!

The cookbooks...

Fabulous Fall ribbon, the punch...

I love the wreath on the pot-I have never seen one like that before...

I love the Harvest of Thanks stitchery and the food markers. I suppose I could use them for something else also. They have cute little acorns on them. I tell you, Jenny's love of acorns are seriously rubbing off on me!!
Thank you, Monica, for a fun package!!

Edited to add: If you want to see what I got for Monica, just click here or here.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The woods and our first fire

These are the woods behind our new home. Last week it was so beautiful. The leaves were blowing around,looking like a swirling, yellow snowfall. It reminded me of a magic fairyland forest. I love to just be able to look out of my kitchen windows and see this.

Saturday, November 1st, was our first night in the new home. We had no gas, which meant no heat. We decided to have a fire in the fireplace. It was so cozy and peaceful. The picture is a little dark, but you can get a feel for what it was like. Don't you want to come over and share some homemade cookies and hot chocolate?? You're welcome anytime... :)

Hope you all have a happy Wednesday. I've got to unpack, do a mountain of laundry, and hit the fabric store. Fun stuff.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Drumroll please!!

Okay, the winners of my giveaway are Debby of Jimenez Family and Rambling Girl. Debby, I just left a comment at your blog. Rambling Girl I could not access your profile so if you will email me at athomeelise(at)yahoo(dot)com with your address that would be great.
Congratulations and thank you all for entering and for the birthday wishes today!! Y'all are great!!


Today is my 30th birthday!!! Friday, one of my best friends, Amy(church Amy) planned a surprise party for me. She did such a great job. She had all my Amy's there as well as all the people from our old Bible study class, other church friends and my mom and mamaw. She even invited my brothers and in-laws but they couldn't make it. It was such a great time. I do not have pictures because I didn't have my camera because I thought I was going on a date with my husband while she watched my kids. Good guise. My mom took pictures so this weekend when she comes I will try to post some. I got great gifts too!!

I realize that top picture is not the best. I will give y'all a rundown. I got a super cute purse, pumpkin pods, a block with a birdhouse and it says Home Sweet Home, a cool mug from Starbucks and a Michaels giftcard(yay, because my husband is cutting my fun money), a picture frame, dish towels, one with the turkey cookie cutter like I gave Jenny for the Thanksgiving swap. I didn't get myself one because I was trying to be good. Also, I got some amazing potpourri, two Willow Tree angels, a Bath&Body Works lotion, sweet cards. My mom got me a cute outfit that I like, but it doesn't like me back. She also got me a Brighton key chain and a print from Marmee Craft. I love it, but I think I was in the minority that night. Jenny also sent me a super cute squirrel and acorn altered book page craft that I love, but forgot to take a picture of. You can see it on her and Emilie's MOMents website. Oh, my mamaw gave me money. Yay, I can go to the antique shop's Christmas open house Thursday!!
It was a great party and I had so much fun!! Thank you Amy and everyone else!! Love y'all!!
Okay, I'm off to enjoy a free burrito from Moe's and maybe a free blizzard from Dairy Queen. Tonight I fully intend to enjoy a free meal at Provino's and spend time with the family!! Hope you all enjoy my birthday, too!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

A Giveaway!!

Hey Girls!! I am feeling generous right now and decided to host a giveaway. I have been so blessed to have been the recipient of a few giveaways, so here we are. I have no special rules per se, but a little game. I want to know who can guess my birthday. I know there are only 365 days a year to chose from so I will give y'all hint...its a Holiday other than just my birthday. One that flies our grand ole flag proudly. All of you who get it correct will get your name put in a hat, or basket as the case may be. The losers(just kidding) will also have a chance to win as I will have a consolation prize.
What is the prize?? I don't know yet...I can say it will be something handmade by yours truly. Okay, get out your calendars and start guessing!! You will have until at least Sunday, the 9th.

***Edited November 11th. We are at 31 comments and the sign up has ended. We(the kids and I) will put all the names in a basket and draw the winners later on today.

Thanksgiving (no so) Mini Swap

When Emilie decided to host a Thanksgiving Mini Swap, I jumped at it. I just love swaps(obviously) and had a great experience with Emilie as my Ghoulishly Glamorous Swap partner. This swap was supposed to be mini, but my partner, Jenny, decided to throw mini out the window. Works for me!! I have such a hard time narrowing down what to do. Believe me, I had so many ideas for this one, especially since Jenny loves acorns. Above you can see what all I got/made for her. A chalkboard that my husband cut out and painted for me. He's the best!! A mug with acorns, a glittered Give Thanks garland, a notepad(love em), a towel with a turkey cookie cutter, acorn salt and pepper shakers, a big, shiny acorn(bought myself one too), a tassel, and a chicken wire vase/wall hanger. I got the idea from this very talented lady.

Here's a close-up of the acorn. Just tied some pretty fall ribbon from Wal-Mart on the hanger part. I was thinking Jenny could change out the ribbon for Christmas if she wanted. Below you can see the wall hanger/vase. It is made of chicken wire with a mason jar inside to hold the flowers.

A more detailed shot. I used green velvet ribbon, brown crocheted lace, and some of that ribbon from Wal-Mart, an acorn wreath/candle ring, and some beaded fall garland. A nest with a bird and eggs top it off.

The chalkboard. I want my husband to make me a squirrel one.

When Jenny mentioned that she loves tassels, I just knew I had to make her one. The fruit basket was from the Dollar Tree-can you believe it?!?! I spray painted it antique white and did a brown wash over it. I was pleased with how it came out. My hutch had my china in it but we had packed it up in September. I could not stand to look at it empty so I gave it a Harvest makeover. That is until I had to pack it up and move. We are slowly getting settled in. I do have a few photos to share with y'all and lots of catching up to do. Several very special occasions have passed in my absence. I plan to share lots with y'all very soon!!