Friday, June 24, 2011

Handmade, Rustic Wedding

Back in May, I had the priviledge to help style my cousin's wedding. A couple weeks previous I helped give Shana, my new cousin-in-law, a wedding shower. I guess that's when they realized how awesome I am!! Hahahaha!!!

The wedding was at my aunt and uncle's house that they built and raised their four children in. So jealous...anyway. They have a very homey, rustic cedar home so naturally rustic was the way to go for the wedding. Shana had already decided on the style and colors, black, white, and red. The arbor has been in the yard for some number of years and has plants growing over it so it was a natural backdrop.

Shana gave me free reign over this part. So funny, too, because she does wedding planning herself. I was so thankful and slightly nervous that she trusted me. I am quite confident in my abilities and gifts and yet didn't want to disappoint Shana on her special day.
I used a barnwood frame{that I got at a yard sale for maybe $2} and two frames that I thrifted{you know the kind with a seriously sad picture in them, don't pass up a cheap, awesomely chunky frame!!} and spray painted white and red. I{my mom} hung them from rope from the arbor rails. We then hung a pair of Ikea lanterns on either side of the front. There are also red geraniums hanging from hooks on the inside sides of the arbor-making any sense?? I then set a larger Ikea lantern filled with pillar candles on the stacked stone.

My aunt has a fabulous collection of vintage tableclothes that we used for the guestbook table and gift table. My uncle showed me this awesome wooden stepladder and we just put a potted plant to gussy up the area. My Mom took pictures of the guests and will give Shana and John the cd that way they can print out pics. I had the idea to take a photo album{each page holds two 4x6's} and on top there would be a photo of a guest/s and the bottom will hold an index card that they would write John and Shana a well wish. A modified guestbook of sorts...

Ahhh, the book...I had this wild, last minute hair to make a cover for it...Its a tree with a heart with their initials "carved" into it. You can't really make out the detail in the pic, but it was cute!! My cousin{oldest sister of the groom} did the embroidery and I was so thankful!!!

Shana's family owns a restaurant so they, along with my uncle, and a few other's did all the food themselves. I made grape salad and will have to share that recipe with y'all soon. It is sooo yummy!!

So the food went under the carport. The set-up and decor was mostly done by Shana and her family. I had made pompoms{want to make your own, click here} out of patterns{with the help of my fabulous Aunt Sherry!!} for the wedding shower and Shana wanted to use them for the wedding also, so I made some red ones to go along with the others.

To the left, above the cake table, is a banner I made from burlap that says, LOVE. We used it at the shower, also. Then to the right we hung the banner that I made from vintage hankies. I used that for Lilly's doll making tea party, some of you may remember that...

Another last minute idea...I got coffee filters, the brown and white kind, twine and doilies from Wal-Mart, and my cousin-in-law, Kelly, strung it together for me. Thank you again, Kelly!! This would be the first thing people saw as they walked up the drive-way.

Here is another view. Down the hill you can see John and Shana's cabin. It is beautiful and I am going to hopefully share it with someday...

This is one of my favorite pictures of John and Shana!! So sweet!!!

This wedding was such a family affair and proof that wedding's don't have to cost a lot of money!! I want to have another wedding now...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Pillows, Pillows, Pillows...

I had this wild hair last night to make some pillows. I've had the chenille and the cutter quilt for quite some time and I always snatch up vintage sheets whenever I see them, too.

I dyed the chenille with teal dye. It was previously white. I love how it looks with the red and white polka dots!! The rectangular pillow in the middle is going to my bestie, Jenny, all the way across the US.

Here is a close-up of her. The pink chenille is original and I've had it for a while. We used some of it for Lilly's crib skirt and a lampshade. That was over 6 years ago. Wow, how time flies!! I still have a bit of it left so I decided to pair it with the blue chenille and quilt. I found the vintage red pompoms at a yard sale for only 10 cents for a big bag of it!! I love the way this one turned out!!

Here is the back view...

Here is another pillow I made. I used a scrap of a quilt top for it.

The back side got vintage sheets. Simple envelope style pillow covers are so easy and a fun way to add more texture and color!!

One last pillow...I made this one from burlap and osnaburg for my friend, Amy's birthday. She also collects blue jars and bottles, so I grabbed this one when I saw it at an antique shop.

Don't you just love how pillows can transform a space?? Should I put them in my pityfully empty Etsy shoppe???