Sunday, February 15, 2009

Last Minute Love

Or should I have titled it "Why I stayed up until 4:30 am on February 12th"?? Yes, folks, I went to bed that late because I am nothing if not the Queen of Procrastination. I will say that I had the great idea to make the above shirt for Lilly earlier that day. Here it is in the wee hours of the morning.

Jackson and Lilly at our homeschool groups Valentine Party. Dontcha just love Jackson's smile. The boy will not hardly give me a pretty smile, though he's capable. Oh yes, we were quite late to the party due to some last minute bucket decorating. The Queen...

My hutch with all its lovely decor made by my good friend, Jen.

The Valentine Tree with half made ornies. I did make them a while ago{I was so proud of myself for making these while the Christmas tree was still up!!}, however, I never got around to fully painting all of them.

The front shot. It is sitting on a free desk from Cory's work. It will be getting its Cinderella transformation soon. Another post for another day.

Fisher's bucket. Notice the little fisherboy on there. I think he looks like a dark-haired version of my little Fishee. Jackson decided after seeing all the ribbon going on Lilly's bucket that his and Fisher's needed just a little, also. {I made these out of formula cans, might as well reuse the expensive things, right?? Just modge podged scrapbook paper on and cut out a heart and mp'd it on as well. Drilled holes, strung heavy duty wire thru and tied some ribbon on. Voila!!}

All three buckets. The kids need cute ways to collect their Valentine's, no?? Lilly's turned out cute, despite the fact that it was not behaving around midnight or so. A little ribbon hides a multitude of sins!!
Jackson said, "I really like Lilly's bucket." I replied, "I really like your's." Then Lilly said, "Momma, don't you like mine?" "Of course I do, honey." Whew!!! Don't want anyone to be left out!!
After Friday's fun, I took my kids to my mom's work and she took the two "big kids" home with her for the weekend!! Cory and I spent a very low key day at home yesterday. We just watched some movies on tv. I felt like I was wasting the day, but it was nice. Then Cory went to the part store and fixed some junk on my van. The blinkers keep going out as well as my reverse lights. So thankful my husband knows his way around a vehicle!! Saves us lots of $$. Then he cooked breakfast for dinner. Yum!! Oh, and while I was trying to teach Fisher how to say "Momma" he shouts out a definate "Dada". Hmmph...
Hope you all had a great Valentine's weekend!!
Katy, I will be mailing your bag out tomorrow. Sorry for the delay. Remember, I'm the Queen!!


Carrie said...

Everything looks so good! Love the buckets these would be so cute at Easter too! Great job!

cakegirl said...

Elise, thank you for your comments. I did hit the jackpot at the Goodwill store and I am anxiously awaiting Heidi's Easter swap. I have participated in her Christmas and Valentine Swaps with very satisfactory results. I am already gathering goodies for the next one.

Kindra said...

Kellon, my 5 year old, gives me those cheesy smiles for the camera, too. :)

The buckets turned out super cute!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Breakfast for dinner- YUM! I love all your decorations, Elise! Jen did an amazing job- and so did you! Those little bucket baskets are precious! My girls love theirs! Lori

I get the cheesy smiles over her, too! Your kiddos are DARLING!!! Such a cute shirt, and totally worth staying up until 4:30. I've been there.:)

Lipstick and Laundry ~Jen said...

WoW 4:30am... my goodness! The buckets turned out SUPER cute, and I love Lilly's shirt! The Valentine decor sure looks happy at it's new home! I can't wait to see the desk transformation!

Rambling Girl said...

Girl you think your the Queen...we will have to vote on that one...I am also the same!

Love your baskets...those are so can come up with the bestest decorations for any time. Can't wait to see what all you make for Easter.

Glad you had a wonderful was so yucky here so we stayed in which was fine with me.

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Your the Queen alright, the Queen of CUTE!

:) said...

I absolutely LOVE the buckets-- you are so talented :)