Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to School

Well folks, it's back to school time in our neck of the woods!!  This is Fisher's first year leaving the nest and the first of my children to ever go to pre-k.  I miss him already...sniff, sniff.

Lilly is officially a first grader!!  We love her teacher AND she has had all the diabetic children that have come thru, so that makes this Momma feel very confident!

I cannot believe my first born, Jackson, is a fourth grader now!!!!  The time is flying!!

I hosted a Back to School Brunch yesterday.  For the tablescape, I used a vintage quilt top for a runner and set old books and an owl vase atop it.

My HOORAY banner was inspired by Heather at Cookie Mondays...She's famous now, you know!!  So happy for her!!!

Here's a lil closeup of the table...
The owl came from Target's $2.50 spot.  I snatched that sucker up, I did!

A sweet gift from my friend, Angie...

All in all, it was a great day!!  The kids had a great first day and us moms had a fun time eating and talking and getting to know one another more.
Are your kids back in school yet?

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Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Your kids are looking so big (tall)... I'm glad they had a great first day, yesterday was our first day of homework and it went smoothly... I hope this will be the case EVERYDAY... Your brunch decor is super CUTE!