Sunday, November 16, 2008

6 years

My oldest, my sweet boy, turned 6 on October 27th. Yeah, I am a little late posting this. I couldn't not post about Jackson's birthday though. What kind of mother would I be?? We started the day off with pancakes at the birthday boys request.

Big 6. Where has the time gone??

I asked Jackson if he minded a birthday brownie since we had cake for his party that Saturday before. He said, "Sure, but I want a monster brownie." Okay...This is my feeble attempt at a monster.

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Jackson, happy birthday to you.

The boy wanted the monster piece of course. He also needed to act like one for the picture!!

My husband and I were married on November 3rd, 2001. We wanted to wait a few years to have children. I decided to get birth control in January. A little too late...I was waiting to start and never did. Uh, huh. I bought a test and sure enough it was positive. We were both excited and nervous. Jackson came exactly a week before our first anniversary. In fact, while I was laid up at home, healing from the c-section, my husband and his friend went out to eat that first anniversary. I did give him permission. Sort of. It was all very romantic as you can imagine. ;)
Its been a great and trying six years. Raising children is nothing like I thought it would be, but it is rewarding.
Happy 6th Birthday, Jackson!! We love you!!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Happy Birthday! It looks like our cuties were born on almost the same days!:) Lori

lipstickandlaundry said...

Happy 6th... Jackson and you two... I know what it's like to share your anniversary with the birth of a baby! ~Jen

Julie said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Jackson!
You have such a sweet mommy!
My little boy is looking over my shoulder and said that you have an awesome pancake!!!

Now, to Miss Elise..... that hubby going out on your anniversary, thing.... you ought to be able to get lots of mileage out of that one. You can never lose an argument with that kind of ammo!
No, I'm kidding...really....LOL


Will Kinshella said...

Perhaps a bit odd to have a perfect stranger commenting on your blog; but, seeing as my late-night surfing brought me here, I figured I might as well offer my well wishes to the birthday boy.

Happy Birthday Jackson :)

eddy the reds said...

very nice blog

Rambling Girl said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I am sure he had a great day.

Amy R. said...

Happy Birthday Jackson! and Happy Anniversary to you two! You need a date night! As a matter of fact, we do too!!