Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Few Fall Touches

Y'all, I am sooo ready to decorate for Christmas, but first wanted to show y'all a little Fall around the ole' homestead. My friend, Michelle, painted the Pumpkin Thyme sign for me. I saw a similar one in Country Sampler magazine. I got the wood(cabinet door-?) at a yard sale for a $1!! Jenny made the FALL banner for me for the Thanksgiving (not so) Mini Swap. I got the snow angel from one of my antique shops' Christmas open house. I know she is technically a Christmas decoration, but I was too lazy to go unpack more boxes to find some more fally. The jars are holding rosehips and cinnamon sticks and a votive candle.

I actually didn't do this next one. I came down stairs and was going to turn the light off and found my acorn ornament on here. My kids make me laugh!!

Here I just tied a candle ring from Michael's on the bunny weathervane with chocolate ribbon. I love the look. Again, the armoire is a little sparse, but I really didn't feel like hauling everything out.

My kitchen counter...The pot that Monica made for me for the Harvest Swap. The acorn and turkey bowl filler that Jenny made for me. The tag in the dough bowl came in a giveaway I won from Joyfullness. I thought it was so cute and it matched. I plan on using this idea on Christmas presents. The little muffin tin I got recently from The Potter's House Thrift Store for 77 cents!! I love the design. Not sure if you can tell, but maybe if you click on the picture to see it bigger you will see the detail. I just filled every other well with pumpkin pods and votives. Same for the tart tins. I love this section of my counter. Its so funny, because last week I had this vingette in my corner and my microwave on the side counter. My mom visited last weekend to help unpack and I left the room and came back to see my microwave in the corner and this in its place. I laughed and my mom knew exactly what I was laughing about. I actually did this in my in-law's home. Like mother, like daughter!! Do y'all ever tweak someone else's home?? I know I am guilty. I have moved two firescreens in two different friends' homes. For the record, they did look better afterward. ;)

This photo is a little dark, but it is a brown leaf plate with acorn salt and pepper shakers. Its so simple but makes me happy. Apparently, it doesn't take much!!

I hope you are all having a happy week!! ABC Family has started their Christmas programs and I am getting so excited!!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Oh Elise, I love everything! You have the magic touch, my friend!:) Lori
Love Joy's tags! I kept mine, too.:)

Laura said...

Very Cute! I have the same bunny weathervane! She moves all over my house.

Laura :)

lipstickandlaundry said...

I gotta tell ya I LOVE all the acorns! My favorite is your light switch decor, that is something my son would do, and be so proud I wouldn't have the heart to take it down. Your home is so cozy, I can't wait to see more!

Rambling Girl said...

Elise I love it all! I love the idea of filling up the tart pan. How creative.

Elyse said...

hi elise! thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. so fun to hear from an elise! does anyone call you "lysie" (lisie?). that's my family nickname so i'm always curious whenever i meet someone with my name (not too frequently!). looks like you are in the holiday spirit! enjoy!

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

Love the ABC movies... we watched Christmas with the Kranks this morning :)

Your house looks very cute... Enjoy the un-cluttered look while you can!

Julie said...

Well, Miss Elise...
I think I have that very same leaf plate (and in brown, too!) Did it come from Hobby Lobby? I think I bought one in green, too...??? My mind is a blur.

Don't you just love that ABC Family and Hallmark have already started showing their Christmas shows?!?