Monday, January 4, 2010

Thinking out loud...

I was checking my email and decided to see what Crystal, of Little Bit Funky was up to. OH MY WORD!!! I saw these super cute clothespin dolls she made and fell head over heels. IN LOVE!!!
I knew immediately that I had to do something with these dolls for Lilly's birthday party. Lilly and I have been tossing up ideas as her birthday is February 1st.
Sooo...I am just mulling over ideas here. Partly cause I love feedback, partly so I don't forget. :)

Look at all these cute girls...Such inspiration.
Okay, so what I am thinkin' is...Make one holding a teacup{dollhouse size} and take a photo. Paste on these blank pink cards I picked up at Target-on clearance!! I will have the doll on front, underneath will say, Please Come...or something like that. Open the card up and it will say...
"Doll Makin' Tea Party"
etc, etc, etc.
I am also planning to make a cake topper with one of these girls, possibly holding a candle, or maybe a little wooden 5{thanks, Jenny!!}.
The girls will be able to dress the dolls. I will have several fabric choices.
I want to serve pretty, girlie food. Tea party food. Chicken salad in these little cream{minus the cream} puffs that Jenny has been telling me about. Pink cloud{some crazy thing my Mom makes} served in my trifle dish. Fruit served in my sherbet dishes. Maybe little pbj pockets for the girls who don't want chicken salad. What else?? Do y'all have any other food ideas?? Oh, I think I will probably do white chocolate dipped pretzel rods with sprinkles. Pink lemonade and a hot tea recipe I got from a tea room cookbook.
I think we will use my random collection of china plates-meant to hang on a wall, but I procrastinate, so they are still in the cabinets!! I also have a collection of mis-matched tea cups that the girls can use. I love that I will not be paying for paper goods. I think I will line my little hobnail milkglass planter with a vintage hankie for holding silverware.
Decorations will include a pennant banner made from vintage hankies that I have been collecting. Oh, do y'all remember Jill's sweet, sweet table topper?? I am thinking I have GOT to make one of those. And because I have OCD a little{can anyone say "Sandra Lee"??}, I want to make Lilly a cute ruffled skirt, possibly patchwork with vintage sheets and newer sweet florals. Maybe an apron for myself since Jenny is convinced that I probably shouldn't make myself a skirt like it!! ;) I am thinking to make little goody bags like these.
Okay, those are my ideas. Do y'all have anything to add??
Have a pretty Monday!!


Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

This sounds like as much fun to plan as the party itself will be... Wish I could come!

Jamie said...

I just love those dolls too! Don't you just love when something suddenly inspires so many great ideas?! I think your daughters party sounds amazing!

mysteryhistorymom said...

LOVE THIS!!!! CAN I COME???? I am SO going to make a table topper like Jill, too! She told me it is no easy task, though. Quite time consuming. Better start tonight, Sweets! Lori

Oh, and those dolls are the sweetest thing! Great inspiration!

Elise said...

Jenny and Lori...y'all are more than welcome!! Anytime!!

Jill said...

Goodness! I think you covered it! What a fun birthday! I want to come! :)

Anonymous said...

It all sounds cute and I want one of those little dolls dressed for Valentines Day~ so cute!!
I am sure it will be great~ Dana

Ruth said...

It sounds like a wonderful party. Such great ideas.


Amy R. said...

Wow! That sounds like fun and I think you have thought out all the details that you are so good at!
Looking forward to it. Let me know how I can help.

Bette said...

hopping by (i forgot from which blog i came from... sigh). anyway, those clothespins are so C.U.T.E!