Friday, October 15, 2010


I took Jackson to school this morning and on the way home passed a yard sale sign. It was in an old folk neighborhood and wow, was it great!! I got this at one sale. I think the lady used to have a booth at an antique shop. I loved the stitchery on this runner{I assume, but it will be getting cut up and the other half going clear across the US to my bestie}. Oh deer{pun intended}, is it ever so cute!! The pillowcase...well, I cannot pass up vintage floral. The frame is pretty awesome, too!! It will definitely be getting a makeover.
Here's a close-up. Aren't these deer sweet??

At another house, this couple was selling some old tools and I did get some wood-1x4's to make signs. I saw this plant stand in their garage and asked about it and the lady gave it to me for only $2. I also got a bunch of chicken wire at another house. I'm doing another craft show and I was thinking I would make chicken wire cloches as well as frames.
One thing I passed up but cannot get off my mind is this gorgeous cabinet. It needs some lovin', but I may need it. What do you think?? Would you pay $50 for it?? I'm a little cheap and don't really want to pay that much, but it is a sweet piece and OLD. The lady selling it said it was over 100 years old. Someone started to refinish it, the brown squares at the top are actually doors. They need hinges and some of the veneer seems to be loosening up in areas and half the hardware is missing. I just think it is so unique and my husband thought it was cute, so we'll see. If its still there later then its meant to be, right??
Happy Fall to you!! I'll be back with pics of my home. I've been nesting for Fall.


Rambling Girl said...

You did get some great items!

I really like that chest also....looks really old! I think I would have to go back and maybe see if they would drop the price a lit bit though.

The runner is simply adorable!

Happy Fall and enjoy the nice weather were having. It suppose to be cool this weekend at night.

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Elise, I love all your fun vintage finds... Wonder if he would take $30....

Heather said...

Great finds :) ... and I agree - see if she will take $30 :)

Erica said...

Elise...drop everything you are doing right now and go get that piece!!! I would offer $30 also ;-)

Hilary @ Sweet as June said...

cute treasures! and yes I am hopping on the $30 bus too! happy weekend.