Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dreamin'...rolling ideas around...

I really miss my view...this sunset was gorgeous one January evening.
Anyway...onto the point of the post.

We have this room in our little house{cottage??} that I call "the back room". The first time we lived here{remember we rented it before, then bought a house, now we are here again...making it home and I LOVE it!!}
This room is going to be the game room, so to speak. As in, I want a tv back here for the wii and gamecube and Jackson got an air hockey table from his grandparents Christmas '09 and its still in its box, so we have to carve out a space for it in this room. Okay, so in the above picture, you can see a set of windows to the left. Those look out onto the back yard. The wall straight ahead, to the right of the windows, will hold a sofa.

The house is older and has fabulous mustard linoleum, which surprisingly I kind of like and its working for me, I think. Let it be said, that we cannot even see this mustard wonder floor right now. Never fear, though, my wonderful, beautiful Mom is coming to stay Wed. thru Sat. and we will unearth it. I'm sure there might be other names describing her after she leaves. ;) Just kidding, she is great!!
What you see now is the door which is on the same wall as the sofa will be. The small window was the original kitchen window that looked onto the backyard, which now looks onto this room. I didn't remember to take a picture from the other side, but it just has an opening connecting it to the rest of the house and its opposite the door leading outside.

I found this lovely room from Pure and Lovely. And it is lovely, indeed. It was sort of the jumping point for my room. I love all the fun, cheery fabrics, the curtains, the rug from Target. The rug from Target...Well, I was originally going to get this rug, but after reading a few reviews, I don't know. I know you can't see a big picture of it, but here is the link. It really is pretty, but just wait til you see the other choice.

I am not loving the current green walls. They are kind of bringing me down, so I am going to paint them Comfort Grey by Benjamin Moore. I painted my master bathroom this color at the other house and loved it!! I love this slipcovered couch from Ikea. I love that I can wash the slipcovers and change them out on a whim. Now, I am cheaper than cheap so I am trying to find this sofa on Craigslist.

I plan to make some fun throw pillows like this bird one from Anthropologie. Yeah, the one I mentioned way back in November.

This fabric is gorgeous and what was used in my inspiration room. It was on backorder from, but was finally restocked and I should have it within the week!!! Just a little ditty for you, go to and look for coupon codes. I not only got free shipping because I spent more than $35, I also got 15% off!!

The still my beating heart!!! I saw this rug from World Market and fell in love!! I think I may love it more than the other one. Yeah, I do!! Best of all, its half off right now AND I can get free shipping. I'm having trouble pulling the trigger here, but it is such a gorgeous rug and would really make the room.
Let's all picture together now...Walls in Comfort Grey, those gorgeous yellow curtains, white slipcovered sofa filled with bright, fun pillows, that rug{!}, wall art-I'm thinking embroidery hoops filled with fabric intermingled with these bird art cards{that I have somewhere...} and my collection of R's, and framed pics of my sweetie children. Yep, I can see it!!
Still on my list to find...a shorty armoire that I can paint green. Well, I did find one, at Goodwill, but they wanted $150 and it was DONATED to them!! But, that is a different post for a different day, right??
Happy Day, girls!! Hopefully, I'll have a good start on this room this week. Of course, I'll share pics along the way!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Yum good the color of that room < the green tone > awesome ....thanks for sharing ...I am slowly room by room minute by minute working on giving my home a facelift ...and I always enjoy coming over to your nest to see what goodies I can find.....

Amy R. said...

I just love all these pieces and I can't wait to see it all come together. Now, get that room cleaned out so you can make it happen! Seize the day with hubby home!

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

See the yellow lino I think the World Market rug would look AWESOME on it... I hope you and your momma get TONS done, I can't wait to see pic!

Erica said...

I LOVE that room from Pure and Lovely! Especially the crib mattress spring turned bulletin board!!! Yours will be awesome, I can't wait for it to come together and to see some pictures ;-) Have fun!

Heather said...

ooooo … I kind of like the mustard floors too :) … can't wait to come over and see it :)

Amber Branconier said...

love the rug! so beautiful.

Ruth said...

I can not wait to see the room when you put it all together. I love the colors and fabrics you've chosen. It will look spectacular.

I love the Ikea couch too but cannot afford one. The thought of easy to remove and wash slipcovers is what makes me giddy.