Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fun Mail!!

Ok, so I have been telling y'all about all the fun stuff the mail lady has been dropping off lately. I am finally ready to show you!! The above photo is some super fun stuff that I won from Joyfullness. I so love her blog. She is so hopeful, Joyful(duh!), and a great girl!! She has some super cute craftyness in her etsy shop as well. You can click here to see better photos of what she gave away. I only took one picture. I had little helpers if you know what I mean.

This I won from Carol at Pure Sugar. A knitting book-some neat projects in there!! Look at that yarn. If I was one for describing non-food items with an adjective that would pertain to food the word would be yummy!! So lovin' the green!!

Onto my swap items from Michelle. Here it is all neatly packaged. Before my "Little Helpers" ransacked it.

This picture is really more of an after. A much later after. A few weeks after. Love the little witchie. I all but begged for one of those. She is so cute!! I always name Lilly's dolls. I like to give them names that fit them. Of course, I do occasionally let the little dear name her own dolls. Anyhow, what shall we call the witchie?? Gelda?? I am open to opinions...
Oh, I also received some super cozy socks, a pot holder, pumpkin-y candle-yum..., a muffin and cupcake cookbook-we have already tried out a recipe, the House of Horrors is a cd for the computer that is a printable activity book. Oh, Michelle also sent window clings which Jackson promptly took and put on his windows.

Something that didn't make it to the "after" photo...Surely you can tell why-candy doesn't last long with "helpers"!!

A very fuzzy close-up of the pin. My fingers aren't quite that obese in person!!

Anyway, quiet a few weeks worth of fun mail!! I have signed myself up for so many swaps the fun mail won't end for a while!! Neither will the bank account recover.
See you soon!!


lipstickandlaundry said...

VERY cool... I sent your Thanksgiving swap stuff on Monday!

Rachel said...

Look at all that fun loot! I have never done a swap, I'll have to wait until I have more money before I dive into the swap circle. ;)Rachel

Julie said...

You DO get good stuff in the mail!
I want some.....
How sweet to have such helpers! Go give them some sugar!!!


Emilie Nichole said...

Wow, FUN stuff what a lucky girl ;)