Friday, September 19, 2008

Tag, you're it!!

Cindy, at Home Simple Home tagged me, so I have to list 6 random things about myself.
Here goes:
1. I have a slight obsession with little plastic treat bags. I have them for every holiday. See photo above.
2. I have big pinky toenails.
3. I have two tattoos. A squirrel on my shoulder and my sorority letters in a wreath on my lower back. I'm guessing most of y'all would never have thought that!!
4. I have a bit of an obsession with numbers; in that I will take words on a billboard, add them together and say if I get the number 16 then I add the 1 and 6 together to get 7. I almost always add the numbers in 3's. Yes, I'm certifiable!!
5. I have 3 brothers and I am the baby of the first batch. My little brother has a different dad, but he and I and my second oldest brother favor more than the oldest. Except they are hotties and I am mildly cute.
6. My mom has 2 older brothers and was the 3rd and only girl. I have 2 older brothers and was the third and only girl. My brothers' lines of work were similar to the uncle they were in the birth order of. Oldest was in military, likewise, oldest uncle was also, second oldest self-employed, my mom has worked in direct sales-Tupperware, Mary Kay, and now Monavie, myself-Mary Kay, Southern Living at HOME, and I also sew for friends, etc. We are both creative. Oh, and the order of kids from her and her siblings were like mine and my brothers and our cousins-get what I am saying? Naturally, I thought I would have 2 boys and then a girl. God had other plans and messed my whole hypothesis up!!

Whew, guess you all know how weird, I mean, wonderfully made, I am now!! I have to tag 6 others. I will try to tag people I think haven't done this.
1. Amy from A little piece of Heaven
2. Emilie from Bunch of Scrap
3. Laura from Making a House a Home
4. Heather from Pursuing More Than Purls
5. Joyfullness from Joyfullness
6. Julie from Gingerbread Pumpkin


Nichole said...

I have the same number obsession! And I thought I was the only weird one ;o)

Laura said...

OOOH yeah! I will post my random things tomorrow, my battery is almost on reserve!!

Thanks Elise!

Laura :)

Judy said...


Just met you, but I already love ya! You are too funny! I will pray for you in getting that beautiful home. WOW - it is gorgeous! And just think - a little girl comes with it! :-)

I'm glad you have joined my giveaway. Who knows, maybe this will be the 2nd time you win something! Sending you big hugs!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I do not have a hard time believing you have a squirrel tattoo on your shoulder~I know how much you love them. Hey, the reason why I was so excited about the house is because it is like "our" story. Same thing happened with my husband and I and finally we put a bid on a nice house (that nobody had lived in for a couple of years) and we got it September 14th (4 years ago) Our back yard isn't very big but we did get a trampoline back there ! Let us know what you find out-I did pray for you guys.

Cindy said...

Elise, I love getting to know more about you. Your obsession with numbers is funny. I kinda have that too. Not as severe, but I do wierd things with them too.

Have a wonderful Saturday.


Julie said...

Nuh uh! You do not have tattoos -- you're messing with us! Let's see 'em missy!!!

You're cracking me up with you have "big pinky toenails"!

I'll get on this, very soon. I really will -- these are fun. I love reading everyone elses!


Katie said...

I do that same thing with numbers!!! I'm constantly doing it on license plates....I drive MYSELF crazy with that one, let alone anyone I try to explain it to. I'm so glad I'm not the only one!! haha! WeIrD!

So,'re going to tell us about the squirrel tatoo and not show it?? ;o)