Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jenny!!

Today is my best blog friend's, Jenny, birthday!!!! In honor of Jenny and our friendship, I've compiled a list of qualities and things I like about Jenny.

1. She's a friend of Jesus!!
2. She is uber crafty and is willing to share of her knowledge!!
3. She is an awesome swap partner{y'all knew that already, right?!?!}!!
4. She shares great recipes...ones that my family loves{so its like she's right here with us}!!
5. She is a great friend and we talk multiple times daily!!
6. She has lots of wisdom and though we are only a few years apart, she just really has that seasoned, Christian, Godly, wifely, motherly WISDOM!!
7. She makes me laugh!! Jackson one time asked me why I laugh so much when I'm on the phone with Jenny. Just do!!
8. She will talk to my family if they answer the phone and they talk right back to her as though they've known her forever. She's just really easy to get to know.
9. No fun until work is done. A "Jenism" that she taught me. Works great when applied!!
10. Most of all, she is just a really great friend!!

Fun Fact:
Jenny and I were both born and both got wed in the same month only 2 days{and a couple years} and a week apart, respectively.
I am so happy that God brought us two together and I look forward to the day when we actually get to meet in person!!
Now y'all go over and wish Jenny a Happy Birthday!!


Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

You are sooooo SWEET... This explains the Happy Birthday comments on my turkey post... I was so confused, and even to went to my blog, thinking maybe you hacked in there and added something to my post... But, no you dedicated a post on YOUR blog to ME... Thank you sweet friend, I love you!

Rambling Girl said...

How sweet Elise...Really sweet to have a great bloging friend in Jenny. The internet has actually been a good thing for so many people by meeting people you would have never before if not for this...

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

that is just awesome. I didn't know you guys were friends and I love stumbling across things like that! How fun.

Ruth said...

How nice to have such a great friend!!

So sweet of you to honor her on her special day!!