Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Goodbye Christmas...

Okay...let me start this post by saying that when I refer to coming back tomorrow and posting that it may take a few days for tomorrow to actually get here!! Also, that these photos are in some crazy random order.
The above photo is very very very early Christmas morning, as in 4 am. Yikes!! The stockings are ones that my Mom and I made a couple of years ago. I use "and I" very loosely, because it was before I was really into sewing. I designed them and Mom sewed them. The snowmen still need facial features and scarves.

Lilly in her Christmas Eve nightgown I made. I think stockings are my favorite thing of Christmas morning.

Fishey-Boy in his jammie bottoms. Didn't actually get around to making pj shirts and couldn't find matching t-shirts for him and Jackson.

Christmas decor in the dining room. Y'all might remember the gaudy turned glorious deer.

The centerpiece on the dining room table.

In that random order I spoke of...here are Jackson and Lilly opening their Christmas Eve jammies.

Onto the kitchen...I got this gingerbread man from Goodwill back in the summer and couldn't wait to use him this year!! LOVE him!!

Love me some candy canes!! The small ones in the jar on the left came from Jenny, the big one laying down were from Heidi, the wooden ones on the right are from Joann's, and my favorite edible Bob's are in the back jar.

A corner of my kitchen...Gotta love Gooseberry Patch!!

This little niche in my kitchen was perfect for my apothecary jars. I just used faux cranberries from Joann's, rock salt and a pinecone, and jingle bells from the Dollar Tree to fill them up. Jenny made the adorable snowman tag.

We had Christmas with my Mom the Sunday before Christmas. I took some photos of her living room and tree. I made this lifesaver Santa ornament in third grade, I think. What a great year!! My teacher, Ms. Ryals, was awesome!!

Our stockings from childhood...See the E on mine?? I was trying to get these from Mom, but no luck...

Mom's big fat tree. Just realized this photo is blurry...oops. I love what she did with that huge hole above her fireplace. She has been collecting nutcrackers for my little brother, Nick, for a long time.

This shot is a little better.
Well, congratulations if you made it this far!!
I gotta say, I am so in the mood for Valentine's Day now. Am I in the minority, totally crazy??


Jamie said...

It all looks wonderful! I love your candy cane sign! I am not ready for Valentines day. Not yet!

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

The pj's turned out cute... On a side note, Tanner has the sweater Fisher is wearing... Your decorations look great! And I can't believe how huge that horse is!

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Oh and Valentine decor is already out at Target, so you aren't crazy... Start putting up a few things now, it will be cheery and fun!

Rambling Girl said...

Beautiful decorations, Elise! Love the nightgown..I have a sweing machine but I need to take lessons..any neat websites that might help me in my quest...oh and I used rock salt also...it was so much cheaper and I had some left over from the summer ice cream fun.

I am ready for Valentines also and plan on purtting my valentine stuff out this weekend...guess I am in a hurry to get my house back in order...not as much as Christmas stuff so will be easier to handle.

Happy New Year!

Carrie said...

Your house looks so good and happy love all your decorations!

We do pj's every year too!

Valentine bring it on I have been working on some stuff all ready!

Amy R. said...

I just love all your Christmas decor! The dining room shelf is awesome and I just love that snowman tag! It looks like ya'll had a fun Christmas. I am not ready to take down all the decor yet. I am actually still enjoying it! Not ready for Valentines yet...