Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Anthro-Inspired Dishtowels

Hey y'all!! Some of you may remember last year when I posted about being featured on Edie's blog, Life in Grace. I decided that I would share it here with y'all now.

For my part, I am showing y'all how to make some cute tea towels. These make wonderful hostess gifts, teacher gifts, girlfriend gifts...Tie up with a loaf of homemade pumpkin bread and a Starbucks giftcard and you have a perfectly cute, perfectly welcome gift!!

First, gather all the supplies:
*cute fabric-three different prints
*thread-the color of the towel, pompoms, and fabric{I actually used white here, but you can match the thread with the fabric}
*m&m's-optional, I suppose ;)

I personally think holiday colored m&m's are more fun to eat!!

Let's get started...

You'll want to cut{or tear} your fabric into strips, roughly 2 inches wide by one and a half to double the width of your towel.

Turn the dial to the longest stitch length. Sew down the middle of each strip.

To gather, you just need to grab one piece of thread and gently slide your fabric down, being careful not to rip the thread.

You will want to make sure your ruffles are the width of the towel and evenly gathered. Play around until you get the placement you like.

Pin the ruffles to the towel.

Next, you will sew the ruffle to the towel, going over the gathering stitch and taking out pins before it goes under the foot. DO NOT LEAVE THE PIN IN!! Ask me how I involves a broken needle and a call to 911. Thankfully, no lasting damage was caused!! I now have safety glasses curtesy of my husband's co-worker. ;) Do make sure to turn your stitch length dial back down.

Cut pompoms to size and sew them to the back of the towel. You will want to change your thread to match the pompoms and the bobbin to match the towel.

Add Image
Voila!! You have a cute, ruffled dishtowel that anyone would love!!


I also have another towel to share with y'all. I really love the way this one turned out!!

This one I made from a flour sack towel. You will also need three fabrics, pompoms and wonder under for this towel. You can get a four pack of these flour sack towels at Target.

I used a salad plate and a bread and butter plate for the circles. Lay the plate atop your fabric and cut a square just a smidge larger than the plate. Do that for both circles and your image. Once you get that square, you will iron it to the wonder under, being careful not to iron the wonder under itself, or else it will make your iron sticky.

Then you will use a fabric marker or pencil{I think the water soluble markers work best} to trace the plate onto the fabric. Cut out the shape. Do this for all three fabrics. I opted to use a rooster shape{click here for image, copy and save} for the applique, but you could do any animal or even a monogram. I made a Valentine towel, with a heart, for a friend, you can see it here. For the rooster, I just saved the image and opened a word document and enlarged it. I printed it and cut it out. Then I traced it on the fabric and cut it out.

I opened the towel and ironed the creases out. They are folded about four times and once you get your towel all prettied up, it will only be folded into thirds. Determine the middle third and place the biggest circle in it. Iron it on, then sew inside the edge. I used a contrasting thread and around it twice for more whimsy. I then ironed the second circle onto the first one and sewed around it, then did the same with the rooster. Once that was finished, I sewed the pompoms on like the first towel. If you don't sew, don't fret, you can totally make this towel. You will just get another wonder under type-they make some that are no sew and use Allene's craft glue to adhere the pompoms.

Another fun, cute towel for some lucky person on your Christmas list!! You could customize this towel all kinds of ways, using a tree for Christmas, bunny image for Easter, star for the Fourth of July, the options are endless!!


Amy said...

oooo I Adore that rooster towel. How sweet. those make great gifts!

Carrie said...

I really like these alot great gift idea for sure :)

Georgia Girl said...

oh goody I can now try and use my sewing machine and something like all the things you share...been thinking about you everyday with all my cute fall goodies you sent me a few years back.

Nicole said...

Your towels are DARLING!!! I think I need to make one or a dozen. I love the prints that you used. I was reading about your little girl, how scary, I hope she is doing better. I had a friend that had much the same thing happen with her son, her last name is Oberholzer, she is on my blog roll. Thanks so much for coming to visit my blog and telling me a little about yourself. I have yet to find a place for my rolling pins in this new house, I need to at least hang one above my stove.

{Amy} said...

those look great!!