Saturday, January 24, 2009

What I gave Jen...

Okay, so y'all saw what Jen gave to me for our Valentine swap, so now I am showing y'all what I gave her. Ruffled apron, you can find the tutorial here. I did make a few changes, but for the most part used her directions. An embellished dish towel, salt dough ornies that I made and painted, shutter ornies for Jen's tree, a tassel-Jen said she would like a tassel. That's what is great about being such good friends, you can make special requests and its okay!! I also painted unfinished X's and O's from Michael's. Jen loves typewriters so I gave her some typewriter stickers. I also gave her a tag I made for her and a cherub that started out life as glittery gold, and a G I covered in sheet music scrapbook paper.

Here is a close-up of the tassel. I got the topper at Hobby Lobby. It was a Christmas ornament. I love the zebra print ribbon. Joyfullness got me started on that one!!

The tag...The cherub...Salt dough ornaments...

The shutter slats I stenciled are reversible.

Here is the other side of them. Had I thought about it, I would have made the other side to say something like Joy, Noel, Peace. Hindsight, y'all...

The apron in all its glory. I have a funny story about the iron. Once upon a time, we had a white plastic-y iron and it died. I borrowed my friend, Amy's{different Amy-church Amy}, iron. Well she needed hers back, so I went to Wal-Mart and got one. I loved the old-fashioned look and weight of this one. When my husband got home later that night I still had it sitting out and he said, "Dang, how old is Amy's iron?" I told him that I just bought it. Hee, hee!! I got a good chuckle out of that one!! Love my vintage, wooden ironing board, too!! I just feel so June Cleaver!! Ha, ha, ha!!

A close-up of the G.
I have a question for y'all now...I do plan on opening an etsy shoppe in the very near future. Would y'all like to see things like the letters similar to the G in it?? How about the aprons?? I have quite a few ideas, I would just like to know what y'all would be interested in...
Happy Saturday!!
Oh, Joy, I will take a picture of my Valentine tree in all her glory hopefully today. I still have to take down the Christmas tree{yes, that thing is still up} and clean off my countertops and then I will share some lovey touches throughout my home. And, I received some of my goodies from Lori today from another swap{yes, I'm an addict!!} and I will post that soon, too!! It has been a very fun mail week!!


Anonymous said...

Talent, talent, talent!!! I am in LOVE with everything. :)
For the etsy shop...
all of it.
Hurry! Hurry!!

Lipstick and Laundry ~Jen said...

Oh my Elise... You are just the bestest ever... I am super in LOVE with all my goodies, you spoil me... I just wish we lived closer, I am seriously considering taking my next vacation to your house, so we can craft and shop... I'll let you know when I buy my ticket!

Rambling Girl said...

Oh yeah get that etsy going with all the goddies you those little shutter signs...just cut as can be...heck Elise I love all your start adding them to your know I will shop there!!

Love all the goodies you made for Jen..I know she will love them neat to have a great relationship between the both...

So are you in Georgia?
I am near Dublin, Ga...about 60 miles south of Macon.

joyfullness said...

I just posted...go see..
I cannot believe it!!
That apron IS to die for!!
oh my!!
Oh mY!!
are you my long lost twinsie??
not that i made a gorgeous apron..but just go see..
Joyfully His!!

Rachel said...

Holy stinking cuteness! I love it all! Great job on everything. Sigh.... I so need to get into this swap thing. :):

mysteryhistorymom said...

Elise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE everything! You MUST open your shop- quick! go! run! Love the apron, towel, letter, etc.!!! Love it all! I want to come to your house and craft and shop, too!
So glad you and Joy have become friends! She is my sweet sunshine and you are my lovely moonlight (since you and I are both night owls!:) ) Love ya, Sweetie! Lori

Hadley Coble said...

You are so talented!

I would love some of the embellished hand towels or shutter ornaments...all of it!

Shabbywears said...

I love it all!!!! I hope you are my swap partner someday...I loce the heart tassel dealy...I LOVE IT!!!!
P.S. Who would of thought...shutter slats.

Sarah said...

I just stumbled upon your blog....but I would like to add my two cents.

Put those funky fun awesome letters on your Etsy shop!!!! That is such a cool "G"! Love it. :-)