Monday, July 14, 2008

Three Months Ago

today, this little guy was born. We decided not to find out the sex of the baby since we already had a boy and girl. It was so uncharacteristic since I like to plan their room and have clothes ready, etc. I almost really wanted a girl, because I had several names picked out for her. We had only one boy name picked out. Fisher he would be if the baby was a boy. The morning of my scheduled c-section I woke up early and couldn't sleep. I decided to pray because I was getting a little nervous about what was coming up. Now, this was my third c-section because my body apparently doesn't work right. Anyway, all I could think about was a boy's room and a fish painted on a board with 'Fisher of Men' painted on top of the fish. I think God was telling me and making my heart right and ready for a boy. Previously, all I could think about was making a little girl's quilt in various lavender colors(for a girl named Violet). Anyway, we went in, had the surgery and got a beautiful baby boy!! Thomas Fisher he was!! I cannot believe he is already three months old. The time is going by too quickly!!
Thanks for reading this!!
Happy Monday!!


Katie said...

Aww, so so so sweet! Precious! I love how you picked out the name Fisher.

Katy said...

He is just toooo sweet!!! :) I wish i could have more children!

Kindra said...

He is so precious! It seems like yesterday when Taran was that age. Time goes by so quickly. I love his name. :)

Prairie Chick said...

LOVE the intentional Fish(er) thing... VERY special. What a blessing he is!

Branderella said...

oh my what a cute baby! to answer your question i do sell them just about anywhere, i dont have an etsy but i'm sure we can figure something out, which dishcloths do you like?

Gettysburg Homestead said...

What a beautiful little boy you have. The sign was an awesome idea.

P.S. Thanks for the candle tips. I've heard you can melt them down in a metal coffee can in a double broiler. May be I will try it to save money as I'm all for that.

Stephanie said...

He is so cute, when I see little babies it makes me miss having them . Mine are all teenagers now. It goes too fast, it gets worse every year too!

Have a good day,

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Elise dont ya just love communitcating through these little boxes. LOL.

I'd be honored if you added me and I'll do the same.


Misty said...

Well I was finally able to access this much awaited blog. I must admit that it was late so I mostly skimmed, but I did think that it was a nice design and that my first sighting of Fisher was exciting. I think he looks a little like Cory and a lot like Jackson. When are u going to come spend the night and sew for me? Please tell me how to subscribe to you! Your BF, M

Julie said...

It's so funny, because when I read the name "Fisher", I was thinking, "fisher of men"! Perfect!

My body apparently doesn't work right either -- I had 3 c-sections.
My first was a bit un-expected, we induced a week early but I never dilated past 2cm (the doctor said she would never have passed through my hips -- they won't move or something? She weighed 10.3 lb)
The 2nd was a planned v-back, didn't work out that way and the 3rd was a planned c-section. Hope nobody gave you any grief about it -- some mom's are so mean about it.

Okay, now Mr. Fisher MUST have some raspberries (blown on his tummy) so I'm gonna try not to keep you any longer... I'm so missing playing "shoo-wee" with baby feet and getting those big slobber kisses from my babies...
Go get you some of that sweet sugar from your little blessing!


P.S. Thank you for visiting and the birthday wishes! :*)

Karen said...

Oh, he is a cutie-pie! I also had three c-sections. I enjoyed not having the labor part, but it sure was hard recoving from the surgery. I was blessed that my mom was able to help in the weeks afterwards.
Enjoy him at this age, too. It goes waaaay to fast.
Have a blessed day!

Leslie said...

Happy 3 month b-day, Fisher :)

Elise, I learned to rag quilt from tutorials on the web. Just do a search for it, there are lots. The bags, I just created by simply sitting down and figuring it out. There are people that sell patterns on ebay and others to make them but I didn't need it and I like to make my own changes.

Have a great day!

Jenn Maruska said...

What a cutie! : )