Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Stocking for Emilie

I was excited to be able to make Emilie another package. It is so fun to give and make things for people you "get", especially like-minded peeps or ones with similar style. Emilie loves the letter E, so I knew I wanted to get her stocking monogrammed. I didn't want to pay upwards of $8-$12. I was in one of my favorite antique shops for their Christmas open house and met a lady who embroiders and she only charged $3 for this. I was sooo excited!! I didn't have the black velveteen I wanted but realized that I did have this chenille bedspread in my van still. I had tried to sell it at a yard sale this spring or summer. Yeah, I don't much like de-cluttering. ;)
I had to do black and white toile since Emilie loves toile. I had seen in an old Family Circle magazine a stocking with a similar shape and loved it. Hence, the quirky shape...

Emilie uses frogs in her Christmas decor so when I found these spreaders I had to get them.

An E block. Love the shape. Found it the same night at the antique shop. I also got some that spelled Let it Snow.

I made the shutter ornaments. Love all the ribbons. I think I could have a ribbon shop. I would be happier than a pig in slop!!

The JOY sign I made also. Just took a wood plaque and wiped green craft paint on with a paper towel(couldn't find a paint brush...), modge podged some scrapbook paper, then stenciled the word.

Emilie wanted to collect Elves but didn't have any. I found some that same night at the antique shop. I thought they were scary-cute.

Some more stocking stuffers...two green mugs, Starbucks giftcard, a monogrammed key chain, cozy socks, an elf ornament, some other treats and goody bags for her kiddies.
I had so much fun putting together this package for Emilie!! Thank you, Robin, for hosting such a fun swap!!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Elise- What a fabulous package of treasures! You are so good at spoiling friends!:)
About your Pink Christmas package... I would LOVE for you to open it NOW! You have my permission...:) Lori

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Wow Elise I so love that stocking you made! I cannot believe you got the "E" put on it for $3 -I would be having everything monogrammed in my home at that price!
I'm glad you guys had a good experience with the stocking swap-I have had a few that have received nothing from their partners...This bums me out.
Anyhoo-I love all the crafty things you made and sent Emilie!
Hope you are having a great weekend.

Laura said...

I really need to start doing these swaps, you girls are so creative! I love everything you put together. The quirky stocking is just so adorable! She is one lucky gal!

Laura :)

Rambling Girl said...

Gosh Elise...I so love all your neat things you made...I think I should have said Christmas theme when you asked cute and creative you are...You really outdid yourself. Now I am learning what a swap is all about. Can't wait to do another one.

Amy R. said...

Love, love, love the stocking! I have got to start making mine now!
We have got to have a sewing night!


Rachel said...

Okay I so need to join the swapping world.... From the looks of if it I am totally missing out!

Katy said...

hi elise! I would be happy to barter with you...I just hope whatever you would like knitted, that I can do! :) What would you like? And in what colors? :)

Leigh Ann said...

That is an adorable stocking! I may just have to purchase some toile and get crackin'! Love the Monogram on it. Just found your blog this a.m. from Warm Pie, Happy Home. Merry Christmas!
Leigh Ann

Elyse said...

hi elise! i love it all, especially the "scary" elves and shutter ornaments!

Rambling Girl said...

Oh Elise...don't you worry about my have been so busy with your move and all and being the holidays...I sure didn't want you to think something. I am so glad you even took the time to do a giveawy with all that was going on...moving, holidays and so on...It really is a busy time of the year...Gosh hun I still haven't even got all my decorations out.
I just want you to know I value the friendship that we are making...Are you all settled in yet?

Joanna said...

What an awesome package your going to send out! I love the green (fav color) and the toile is fabulous!

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

you DID spoil me ;) I use my mugs all the time and admire all my cuteness you blessed me with :) Thank you for being a awesome partner - AGAIN!

Angie said...

That stocking and JOY sign are awesome! Love the black and white toile with the green! Those are the colors in my guest bedroom/office.