Friday, December 5, 2008

I've died and woke up in the North Pole!!

I know I was gonna tell y'all about my fabulous package from Emilie a few days ago. Just know that sometimes a few minutes might really be a few hours(my husband can vouch for that-one time he left me at Kohl's and went home) and later on in the day might be a few days. Okay, now that we have that out of the way...I was sooo excited to be pair with Emilie for the Christmas Stocking Swap that Robin hosted. We already had an awesome Halloween Swap, so I knew this one would be just as great. I was not disappointed. Look at cute it was packaged!!

Emilie got the kids little gifties too!! Here is Fisher trying to figure out what this is. She gave them a book, a puzzle and a candy cane. Yeah, I gave my children the candy cane right after breakfast!!

Um, love the box and the glittered key. Emilie is the master of glitter. Lovin' the ribbony goodness...

The stocking. So beautiful. Her personal seamstress and my new bf ;), Jenny, made this stocking. I LOVE it!! Lilly thought it was going to be hers. Silly girl!!

Let's see what else...a vintage looking Santa plaque, a vintage style Santa glass ornament, glittery JOY garland, a glittered deer(how did she know I was heartin' deer this year??), a pretty embossed(?) mug with hot chocolate and candy canes(yum), and apple cinnamon candle that is burning right now, a wonderfully fluffy, GORGEOUS rag garland in my Christmas colors-it even has brown!!, Santa tissue that Lilly faked a snotty nose to use ;), red felt coasters, a silver tinselly ball ornament, oh, red Christmas toile fabric that I can sew with!!, a big ole' glittered snowflake...
Oh gosh, one of my other faves-a primitive wooden candy cane. I wanted some of these last year after one of my friend's had some.

Look at that fabulous snowflake!! That thing is as big as my face!! Love it!! I actually bought myself another one when I found it at the store. Now they are in my foyer windows.
See the key?? Isn't it a beauty?? Jackson said it was our magic key. Um, yes, I agree!! You can see the detail on the mug also. And that candy cane...swoon. Is it wrong to love a candy cane so?? If loving you is wrong, I don't wanna be right...Heck, some of my real life friends would agree that I am not right!!

Love that garland!! Oh, my, goodness, it is luscious!! And it has another one of the candy canes. Ho, ho, ho!! Look at that little round guy. Love him!!
Thank you, Emilie, for a great package!!! Merry Christmas!!


Rachael said...

Luck girl! That all looks so pretty! I really like the picture of Fisher investigating his gifts...he is just darling:-)

Have a great weekend!

Carrie said...

Great swap!

Lipstick and Laundry ~Jen said...

WoW... Great Goodies... Oh how I LOVE swappin!
Merry Merry Christmas!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Elise- Such wonderful goodies! I love everything!!! Lori

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

I have been MIA in blogland but had to stop by to say YAY... I am so glad you liked your goodies... I had a fabulous time finding and making things for you :)

Merry Christmas!