Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Very Un-Christmas Post

Hey Y'all,
If I am scarce around here, I will blame it on my computer. My mouse has taken to not working when it feels like it. I don't know if the computer is trying to get a virus or something, hopefully not...I have heard that the mouse is the first to start acting whack. I did purchase bsafeonline yesterday, but I am praying its not too late. A new computer is so not in the budget. Send your well wishes and prayers and hopefully I will be back with fun Christmas stuff. We are going to the Fox Theatre tonight to view The Polar Express and there will be snow(fake) and carolers, etc. I will take pictures, of course!! The best part...its FREE!!!
Our soup potluck went well on Saturday. We enjoyed being able to have our friends over and be able to catch up. My son has to act like he's on crack when other kids are around, and tried to open his sister's window-um, not safe-second floor window-nothing to break a fall onto concrete. Crazy nut!!
Okay, gotta go get ready for Lilly's ballet. They are having an open class today, so Daddy's and grandparents can come. Yay!!


~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Do you have comcast? I only ask because I was up most the night tryig to "heal" my computer. It is acting up too. I updated my music player a few days ago and that is when everything went haywire. I went in a deleted 40 pages of E mails and took the program I updated off my computer. Everytime I update something my computer goes wacky!???? Nobody has been getting any of my E mails! I do hope you get yours running smoothly real soon Elise!
Have fun at ballet~♥

Carrie said...

I hope your computer starts acting better soon! Ballet I love ballet have fun!

Michelle said...

Good luck with the computer...can't wait for the pictures!

Ruth said...

Your dining room looks wonderful. I love all the goodies you sent your swap partner~so beautiful. The things you received are just gorgeous also.
Our computer monitor seems to be having fits these days, too.

Leigh Ann said...

Praying for you and your PC. Hope you had fun at the Polar express.
Leigh Ann

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Oh, I love The Polar Express! Such a magical movie, I am sure you will have a fabulous time!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

I hope it is ok. Love your stocking stuffers and your swaps. I just posted mine. I also got someo f those letters and spelled out joy. cherry

Elyse said...

hi elise, sounds busy and i can relate. just a few months ago we had to get our imac fixed. it was $$$ but still less than buying a new computer. a big ol' drag! hope it works out. xo

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

Free Polar Express? Awesome :) We went to the Nutcracker last night.. not free but very fun ;)