Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Name banner tutorial...

I made a banner for Jackson's Summer Swap partner. I thought he could hang it in his room somewhere. That and his mom already made him some pennant banners.

So...would you like to know how I did it?? You will need to gather up some supplies...fabric-you don't need much{I used sleeves from a men's button up shirt for two of the letters}, an iron on interfacing-a half a yard ought to do for a six letter name, and twine. You will also need an iron, ironing board and a sewing machine. That goes without saying, doesn't it??

First, you will need to go to word and open a new document. Type in the name you want to use and choose a font. For this one, Arial in size 500 was used{right, Jen??}. She's my little enabler!! Hahaha!! Anyhow, get your letters printed out and you are ready to start.

You will need to cut each letter out.

I tore a strip of fabric to a rectangular shape-you are going to fold it over at the top, wrong sides facing together. Cut off the excess. You might want to iron those rectangles of fabric once you have them cut.

You will then take your rectangles of fabric and lay them on your interfacing, wrong side facing the adhesive side of you interfacing. I cut the pieces to size, then layed a towel{I used a flour sack towel} on top of the fabric and ironed it on. The interfacing will have directions.

Once all the fabric has been adhered to the interfacing, I folded them in half, wrong sides facing.

Then, I took a letter, put the top part of the letter on the fold, and cut the letter shape out. Repeat with all the letters.

I then put the twine inside the fold and pinned the fabric together. Oh, one step I did forget to mention...once you have all your letters cut out, lay them out and decide how much twine you want. I would leave at least ten inches on both sides for tying purposes.

I just sewed around the outside. I did not sew the top edge, because it is folded over. I did, however, make sure to sew on top of the twine covered part to hold it in place. Does that make sense to you?? Repeat with all the other letters.

Voila!! There you have a cute, personalized banner!!

Here is a close-up of the first few letters...

A few other letters. I will say, that I might use a heavier interfacing on letters like the E.
I would love to know if you make a banner from this tutorial.
Happy Tuesday!!


Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Tanner is going to LOVE this banner! You did an AWESOME job!

mysteryhistorymom said...

DArling, Elise! You are so super creative! Oh, and if you do decoupage a table, I would love to see it! Lori

Rambling Girl said...

Cool....Love this! I am going to try Lexi's name...I know she would love this in her room...

Tanner will love it also! Thanks for teaching me how to do this...can't wait and will be sure to share....but it will take some time on my part.

Mommyto3andahusky said...

That is just super cute! I love it!

Jamie said...

I love this! The fabrics from the shirts are perfect for a little boy, so clever! It is going into to make file!

City Girl Country Heart said...

SO Cute ! Im going to tell my niece about this, she loves to sew and its her son's name! I love it!
Have a great day !

Jill said...

Too cute!!! I love the idea of using a name!!

Ruth said...

What a great banner.

Thanks for the tutorial. Will have to try it.


Farmgirl Paints said...

Great banner. You did such a great job!!