Thursday, August 21, 2008

One, two, three, plie', Lilly's now taking Ballet

"I'm not so sure about this."

"Well, maybe I'll let you take my picture."

"Are we ever going in?"

This precious little girl of mine was so excited to take ballet. Especially, since the teacher has watched Lilly in nursery at our church. We got to the church(not our church) and it was a slightly different story. Lilly decided to get a little shy and not let me take her picture. Of course, good mom that I am, I took them anyway!! By the time the girls went into the room and started doing anything exciting, my batteries died. Hmmmp!!

All of the mom's homeschool, which I thought was cool. There was another little boy in the room where we all waited. He was a day and a year older than Jackson. I was excited that he would have a friend there, too. All was great until the kid started asking Jackson if he believed in Santa, which we do. They don't. We still do. Other than that, I think it will be fun.

In other news, we put in an offer on a house last week. Not sure what went down with that, but its taking a while and we should know something by tomorrow at noon. Hopefully...I would like to get our schoolroom in order and am waiting to see if we get this house or not. If not, then hopefully over the weekend we can accomplish organizing and rearranging and I will have something to share with y'all.

Hope you all have a great Friday!!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Lilly is such a little angel! There is nothing like a little girl in a pink leotard and toe shoes- so precious!

Keep me posted on the house! So exciting! Lori

Laura said...

She's so cute in her little leotard! I want my E to take button ballet but she needs to be three. Don't you hate it when other kids ruin the idea of Santa, my cousins told me and my Mother will never forget it. Good luck on your house, hopefully you will get good news soon!

Laura :)

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Oh how cute. I have never gone through the dance thing as my DD was never interested.

Fingers crossed on the house.

Please feel free to post the award I gave you on your blog because you really deserve it!


Tamlynn said...

How cute! My dd looks just like that when she is a little nervous. And what's up with the kid bringing up Santa in August?

Linda said...

MY DD was so shy the first few months of dance. She would talk about it at home all week, and get all shy and clingy once she got to class. Didn't last too long and then by her choice, dance beace her thing and she danced through her freshmen year in college! We called her our dancin darlin!