Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Questions-Want Answers

Hey Y'all!! We continued our house hunt today and found one that we could possibly call home. I took my camera and everything, but didn't take it in. I thought I could remember it, of course I got home and thought, duh! I can't share it!!
I have a few questions for y'all. I know that ultimately we have to make the decision, but I always value a good opinion!!
The home was built in 1973, which I don't mind, because in some ways I like older homes. I like them really old, but can't seem to find one, not that my husband will agree on anyway. This home is quiet charming on the inside. It is kind of L-shaped in its layout. The living room has a floor to ceiling rock fireplace with a raised hearth. The kitchen has lots of cabinets but no pantry. The cabinets are quiet cute, but someone put little round locks on a lot of the doors. Kinda weird...The formal dining is off the kitchen and seems like its own room, tucked back-this home is not what you would consider an open floor plan. There isn't a lot of room in the kitchen for a big table. I'm thinking a bench and narrow rectangular table. The master bathroom just has a shower and single sink vanity. The bedrooms are pretty big and one is big enough for the boys to share and we would use the fourth bedroom for a schoolroom. The kid's bath is big-bigger than the master bath and has a long vanity. The bathrooms have the original tile floor. Not square, not hexagonal, not sure how to describe the shape, but they don't bother me.
Okay, so would you let the fact that the house is on a road, a well-traveled road, bother you? The back yard is fenced and they would play mostly back there. The front yard is biggish. Would not having a big eating area in your kitchen bother you? How about a somewhat closed in kitchen. I am thinking that we could maybe cut out a space above the sink to look over the living room. I think those are the only questions I have. Obviously I know that my husband and I have to make the decision, but it is nice to have a sounding board.
Thank you!!


Heidi said...

Hmmm. Ultimately, you'll know the feeling you have when you think about the house. (It is late so I'm not making sense...) When we walked into our current home for the first time, I could just imagine me living there. It almost felt like *me* already. Not that everything was perfect, but it still felt right.

Our driveway is off of a busy road, but we are waaaaay back and still out in the country. I don't mind because there is so much space between us and the road (and a field just across).

Our kitchen has an eating nook, and we have no dining room. It does drive me a little crazy because we can't seat company for dinner, but if I had a dining room I probably wouldn't care how large the eating space in the kitchen was.

Our kitchen is pretty closed off. I don't mind because it is a large kitchen. If it was smaller, I'd be feeling claustrophobic.

It is tough to figure out whether a new home will suit you just right before moving in and trying it out, isn't it?

Kindra said...

Hi Elise!
So glad you found another home! It sounds really nice, even with it's quirks. Maybe the last home owner was a dieter and put locks on the cabinets...Our living and dining room is open to one another and it's shaped like an L. The kitchen is blocked off. Sometimes I wish it was open, so I can watch the kids play. But it's kind of nice to have the walls there to hide the kitchen mess sometimes and to have more walls to decorate. :) Good luck!

chelle said...

It sounds really nice. I'm with Heidi..you'll just have that feeling when it's right. As far as the kitchen...it's the room I'm in the most and it's hard to find any house that has one big enough. I always said if I built a house the kitchen would big the biggest room. If you ever have guest...that's where everybody wants to hang out. You can't make them leave for another room...

Good luck with your decision...whatever you do it will be right for your family! :)

Marie said...

My house has a kind of closed off kitchen. It *sort of* bothers me. lol There is also room for only a small table. That *sort of* bugs me too. This house is only temporary for us, so I could live with it. However...I wouldn't sacrifice location. I didn't want to be on a busy street at all. That was at the top of my "non-negotiable" list. Good luck!

Laura said...

Hi Elise! Don't you feel better knowing that there are other houses out there you can live in? It sounds like a really nice home, I don't have an open floor plan, master bedroom, or eat in kitchen so any of those would be luxuries to me! HaHa! The one thing I would think about...if you noticed that it is a busier street, once you live there you will notice it being even busier. The one thing we have noticed about our block is that people use it as a short cut between two busier roads. Also we have a really large hospital about a half mile away and are six blocks from a major intersection. When we were 'visiting' the we didn't notice the traffic noise. Now that we are here, they are very evident. Not so bad in the summer and winter when the house is closed up and we have learned to live with it, but just keep it as a consideration. Good luck!
Why don't men like older homes, my DH wouldn't even consider one!

Laura :)

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Ok you've seen pics of my house. I have a combined living room and dining room. This is one thing I gave up for this home. I do wish I had a separate one. So closed off who cares it would be a dining room.

My kitchen only has a small tiny table in it. I have measured many times to see if my dining table would fit, but if I wanted to walk on the table to get around it would. In my last home we built an island that had chairs pushed up to it. Not sure it would work now, but I've thought about it.

A huge wall with a hearth... I would dies for that.

I agree though the house will speak to you. You won't be able to stop thinking about it.


Heather said...

OK ... I'm an idiot ... remember when I said that I hadn't been reading your blog because I thought you weren't writing on it? Then I realized that I hadn't put it in my bloglines? OK ... so I just realized that I STILL hadn't done it! That is until you commented on my blog (thanks, BTW).

I have no advice .... I like older homes too and in my very humble opinion open floor plans leave a lot to be desired, especially with children, naps, homeschooling, etc. But that's just my opinion (but you asked) ... so non-open floor plans work for me :)

As for the road ... I dunno ... depends on what road you are talking about ... is it nearby (please say it's nearby!)?

I briefly looked at your other recent posts ... looks like Lilly is taking dance where Lydia takes dance, at least from the pictures! If so, then I think you will like it there :)

Oh goodness, a million questions ... how's school going? OK ... I'll go now ...

p.s. Brandon and I would love to get together with you guys soon!

Emilie Nichole said...

My house was built in 1960 and has a very small kitchen. The floor plan is also not "open" - we only have one bathroom but are lucky to have converted the garage and attached workshop to a family room and master bedroom. My biggest pet peeve with the house is the kitchen being so cramped. I can deal with the one bathroom, I can deal with the close quarters but the lack of space in the kitchen is the one thing that bugs me. That would be the thing about the house you described that I wouldnt like. BUT! I love the idea of a bench seat and table and we are going to try and do that in the kitchen to make more room!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hi Elise...I think you will know it in your heart if it is right. Our starter home was on a busy street and I never liked it. For some it does not bother but it did me. I think a lot of those older ranches make great homes though and have a lot of potential. cherry

a day in the life of bella said...

Do you get snow where you are at? The one good thing about being on a busy street is that your snow gets removed first.

If you sit way back and have a fenced in yard, it wouldn't bother me. I looked at a real nice house on a busy street...that ultimately was not as 'busy' as I thought it was...we were new to the area...but it was somewhat close to the street and no fence....so that was one of the deal breakers for me.

If you love the feel of the house and feel good about the price and area, etc...that is really the 'biggees' for me.

Best of luck :)

PS: search for kitchen on my site...is your eating area smaller than mine? My house was built in 1976. I can fit a table and 4 chairs in there.

joyfullness said...

Elise..is sounds like you are trying to not be too excited about the house...OR maybe it is not the perfect match!! ?? eek!
I like trying to make the best of what we have...if you do..then maybe this is your dream home??
is hubs a handy man??
it sounds spacious..and worth keeping on the table!!

Thank you for commenting on my latest post!! we are November 3rd-ers too!!! at 3 o'clock!!
Yay!! I can't believe it has been this long!!

Best wishes in the hunt!!

Tamlynn said...

I think the busy street is the biggest concern, all the other things can be dealt with or even changed. How much distance between the house and the street? Is there a sidewalk? Could you fence the front yard? What is the speed limit on that street?

Tasted any pond scum lately? rofl!

B J's Corner said...

The only advice I can give on house buying is not much. But, did you feel good when you walked in? Hope all go's well.

mindyluwho said...

Hi. I just found your blog from Tamylyns and I couldn't help but give my 2 cents! We have lived in many houses and built two of them so I'm always thinking of the little details of what I want in my future home!

I actually like a floor plan that isn't so open. I like well defined rooms. And I like the dining room tucked back, it feels more intimate that way. That said. The well traveled road would bother me. You say the kids would play mostly out back, but what about when they want to ride bikes or scooters? You would have to be out there to watch them. I speak from experience as I live on a busy road and my two younger boys are constantly wanting to play out front. I wish we lived on a court where they could ride around without me constantly worrying.

As for the big eating area, since I just read your blog today I don't know how big a family you plan on having. If you plan on living there for a long time, you will want to consider that aspect. I wouldn't be bothered without an eating area in my kitchen. In fact, we just designed our home and I tried to make the kitchen without an eating area, but was shot down by the architect...resale value and all that. Do you have company over much? Will the dining room be sufficient if so?

Some things can be changed with little ingenuity or slight remodel, but I think if something bugs you now, it will only be that much more annoying when you move in, so pay attention to those little details.

There, I've said too much for just meeting you! Good luck!

kari and kijsa said...

Happy Labor Day! Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement!

kari & kijsa

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hey girl....man you comment fast rofl....wondered how the house hunt was a goin? Happy Labor Day! cherry

Rachel said...

Good luck with this decision! My friend has a ranch style home and she has made it so cute with all the improvments and decor that she has done. I say if it feels like the home for you and your family then go for it. I can't wait to hear what your going to do and take some pictures of the house we all wanna see! :)

Julie said...

Oh, Elise........
I wish that I could be of some help but I'm still trying to feel at home, myself -- so my home advice button is on the kinks!
The home that we thought we wanted so very much (the log cabin) didn't work out. We thought that we'd be devastated but God had much better plans for us.
I know that He does, for you, as well!

Do any of those things bother you, about the house?
Have you tried a positive/negative list? Those have helped us sometimes, although I know it sounds a little silly!