Monday, August 4, 2008

Questions and Answers and Regrets

Hello again!! I have had a few questions about the tassels and decided to answer them in a post.
Why two different types of glue?
I used the Allene's to roll the trim at my mom's suggestion so I don't burn my fingers on hot glue. How's that for an answer?? Someone did mention that hot glue loosens over time. I don't know what the "professional tasseliers" use so we will see how it holds up. I am open to suggestions...

What type of fringe is it that I used?
The main trim is a rope-like trim that I got from a yard sale. I noticed that it was like $10 a yard at Hobby Lobby. Yikes!! I would definitely look for their sales. The brown trim was maybe called eyelash fringe. You could click on the picture of the tassels to get a better look. HL has such a big selection to choose from. I would just go there and see what you like best.

Where did the toppers come from and did the bird topper come with a hook?
I actually got my toppers from one of my local antique shops. The bird came from HL originally, I found out I was taken on that one!! I paid a dollar more than the original HL price and it was probably on sale there!! Oh well, the birdie sure is cute. No, it did not come with a hook. I am going to look online to see if I can find some that do come with hooks. I don't know where others get their little birdies with hooks. You could use Christmas ornaments too. Now would be a great time to start looking for ones with good tassel potential.

Hope that answered everyone's questions.

An another non tassel related note...I went to a funeral today. I used to be good friends with the lady that passed away. I haven't spoken with her in quiet a few years because I felt like she betrayed me. That is one thing I don't like. In some ways I thought she got sick because it was her punishment. I know that is not true though. I didn't think it would bother me if she got better or not. I regret that I did not reconcile with her. There is a reason that the Bible says do not let the sun go down on your anger. It is better to swallow your pride than to hold a grudge. I am now learning this. Too late. Carol used to make me laugh at work. Everyday. I think it was her life's mission. She used to call me Elsie. My name is not Elsie, its Elise. She used to write it L.C. It would make me laugh. I would even get Carol to repeat the joke she just told so I could laugh some more. I urge you to forgive the people you feel wronged you. I wish I could have had the time back now. Please pray for her family. She left behind a husband, a daughter and two grandgirls.
Sorry to end on this note tonight, I had to say what was on my heart.


Merrie. said...

Hi; just found your blog; glad you shared that story. And the how-to! I will add you to my list of blogs; Merrie

Katie said...

Thanks for sharing what was on your mind and heart, Elise. I am guilty of having held grudges at times. One time in particular, I was in my first year of college, and I was holding a grudge against someone very important in my life. It lasted for several weeks. One Sunday morning, a woman prayed to help us let go of our grudges. It was almost like God poked me on the shoulder and said "You know that is not what I want from you. Release it." And I did. And the best part about it, was that I WANTED to. It wasn't one of those times where you do it because you know it's right, but I did it happily because I knew it would please my heavenly Father to be a peacemaker. I'm sorry that you didn't have the chance to reconcile with your friend. I will definitely say a prayer for comfort for her family. Thanks again for sharing, Elise!

Susie Harris said...

Sorry to hear about your loss. Miss! I use about anything and everything for toppers. If it doesnt have a worries. I just get sweet hunny to drill me one! You are doing a great job. It's fun just trying things out. Some may work better then other's. Im still finding that out. One thing I learned. My can take on water. A friend dropped one of the tassels I made in some dried just fine. whewwwww! Take care my friend! Susie h~

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Hey Elsie (yes I did that on purpose) I think we've all said that one time or another or felt that too. Do I always go and make things right with people? No, there is one person that died a very long time ago in my life that I believe was taken because he was a very bad person. This was God's way of not allowing this person to hurt anyone else. I still believe this today and that is what comforts me. Do you regret not making it right? Sure because it was an untimely death. We all say well I should have done this or that. But you realize it now and that is what counts.


Nicole said...

Your tassel is beautiful. It's hard not to hold grudges sometimes, I'm sure we are all guilty at time in our lives. I really like what Katie said, sometimes we have to just put it in our Heavenly Fathers hands. Easier said than done though, isnt it.

Kindra said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. I too have had those experiences in my life. I try to forgive and move on. Maybe I don't have any contact with them as much I should...but at least I forgave. I will be keeping the family in my thoughts and prayers. HUGS.

Darlene said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend...that is a hard thing sometimes to forgive, but when we do it is always so much better and our hearts & spirits just feel lighter.

When I made my tassels I used a wooden piece and hot glued it to the bottom of my topper. They were various wooden shapes of pots, spools and I had a pack of 1 3/4" ball knobs. That way it was down from the topper further to be able to start gluing trim around that and work my way up. Also the main tassel "stuff" is expensive at HL so I didn't want to roll it up. That way I could glue it around the bottom wooden shape and you don't use much at all but it still looks full at the bottom. Does this make sense to you at all??? :) I also used only hot glue and I will see how that lasts because after all I am just making them for my house and maybe family and friends. Thanks again for the tutorial on it....I don't think I would have ever even tried to make them if it hadn't been for your tutorial. Sorry I wrote a book. Bye for now. :)