Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ghoulishly Glamorous Swap

Oh my gosh y'all!! Look what Emilie sent me for the Ghoulishly Glamorous Swap that Tangee hosted. She did a great job on this. Emilie had everything packaged so cutely with little personalized tags. Notice the BOO banner-I made Emilie one that said EEK. Great minds think alike!! I am so excited because she is my partner again for Robin's Christmas Stocking Swap!! Oops, I just noticed that my pictures are reversed. Oh well...Take a look though. I love that raggy garland with cute little orange boo letters hidden in there. Ferrero Rocher, a super awesome black mug(I have already tested it out with hot cocoa), cute little blocks that say BOO and EEK, fun napkins which I love, her cute little conehead pumpkin, a black glittery cat, and a super cute fleur de lis. I love it all!!

Some of the cuteness on my mantle. Remember when the chalkboard was just a homely little mirror? The picture is of Jackson the Halloween he was one. He was a cat. Miss that little baby, but I love the little boy he is now. Oh, and I am shamelessly begging for a Christmas raggy garland. Can't you just see Christmas cards clipped to it?? I know at one time Emilie made the blocks and garland for her etsy shop, so if you just have to have some for yourself ask her. Oh, and you just know I love the name of her shop, The Worn Acorn. If I was in the market for anymore tattoos you can bet an acorn would find its way on!! That and a Christian fish-<><. Wow, I really digressed there!! Thanks again, Emilie!! I cannot wait to do the stocking exchange!!


Cherry's Jubilee said...

Rofl......I think we are all gonna have boo signs....I just posted one myself. YOURs looks your mantle..with the ragamuffin garland. I made one of those and have yet to pst it. Congrats on the house. che;rry

Julie said...

Oh! You had a good partner, too!
What pretty things, she sent.
Y'all were matched up perfectly!

How great that y'all were matched up, again, for the stocking swap!
I can't wait to see that, too!
Tell her to not look at your blog -- so you can show us as soon as you're done! I just love making stockings!!! I need to make us some new ones, this year....but I don't know that I'll meet that deadline????

Thanks for showing us all your goodies!

Emilie Nichole said...
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Emilie Nichole said...

Okay I deleted my last comment because -I cant spell- ANYWAY! Thank you for all the swap love... I am in the middle of posting all your goodies right now. You spoiled me rotten!!! I am SO looking forward to the stocking swap!

Emilie Nichole said...

Yes! I did notice that our chairs were similar! Funny you mentioned it because I was thinking about that when I saw your picture!