Thursday, September 18, 2008

Could you be our new home??

At last, after a very long house hunt, we finally found one!! The sellers accepted our offer-yippee!! Tomorrow our agent will be meeting with the sellers to sign a binding agreement and so long as closing goes well, then we will be the proud new owners of this beautiful home!! The house is in a small neighborhood of only 10 homes, the builder went bankrupt and this house has never been lived in since 2005. Investors currently own it. We met them yesterday when we went to see the home. Y'all, I love it and never thought we would ever own something so nice.
I know y'all are dying to see the rest of it, but let me first tell you that it has 4 bedrooms or 3 and a bonus, 2.5 baths, a formal dining room(I have always wanted one of these!!), a laundry room, and a huge kitchen!! Oh, and look at that curb appeal!!

Walking thru the front door this is what you see. The foyer is 2 story and that is a loft area up top. This foyer is huge and I totally plan on getting a vintage chest of drawers to place on the left side. Where you see the lady standing is a door to the half bath. Up the stairs to the right is a bedroom and to the left is the bath and the other two rooms.

As you can tell these pictures are so not in sequence. Sorry...This is the master bath. Love the dark cabinets and marble-look countertop. Oh, and look it comes with a little person!!

This is the 2-story vaulted family room. To the left is the investor. Hello, Norm!! I was standing between the kitchen and eating area.

Wow, what a kitchen. Love all the cabinets and that raised bar area. Wanna Budweiser?? They had an 18 pack. The sink overlooks the living room so while I am washing up I can watch t.v.!! The door to the right right pass the kitchen is the laundry room. Across from it is the pantry. Beyond that is the formal dining.

Some more of the kitchen. They will be putting in a dishwasher and stove. I tell you, I am so excited to have so much cabinet and counter space!!

Here is the dining room. I am thinking we will paint the upper walls red. I have always wanted a red dining room. Of course, I was thinking robin's egg blue would be pretty too. So many colors to choose from. Feel free to give your input!! Oh, and check out those hardwood floors. My husband cannot stand carpet in a dining room. Guess he got lucky on this one.

Here is the bigger of the kid's bedrooms. Lilly has claimed this one as hers. We will see, the boys are sharing a room, so it makes sense to give them the bigger one.

The kid's bath. It is bigger than it looks here. Going from one toilet to three is going to be awesome!!

Here is that loft area that overlooks the foyer. I was thinking of putting an office area up here. It has the hookups for cable or internet/phone. I would want an armoire for it to make it look nicer. You seriously don't want to see my desk in its current state!!

Here is the family room. Look at all those windows. I love natural light!! I am even thinking of maybe not putting up blinds because as you can see the backyard is wooded. To the right is the eating area of the kitchen.

The master. Pretty standard. It even comes with two pillows!!

Here is the foyer looking from the family room. Check out those two windows on either side of the door. I love the light that is flooding in. There's that little girl again.

There she is again in the backyard. Camera hog...

The other kid's bedroom.

The family room looking from upstairs. I will want to be replacing that ceiling fan for something else. All in due time.

Here is the bonus. This one even comes with a closet. Yay!! Now that y'all have seen the home, please pray with us that everything else will go off without a hitch. This would be a blessing from God. This nice of a home and in our budget, nothing short of a miracle. It isn't even technically listed yet.
Thanks!! I will be back with some swappy fun as soon as I load my pictures. Emilie did such a great job putting together a great package for me!!


Rachel said...

Wow It's beautiful! Hope all goes well! Can't wait to see what you do with it! I love the curb appeal of it to!

Nichole said...

What a pretty house - inside and out!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I'm reading this post saying, "oh my goodness, oh my goodness" YES-This is more like it! This reminds me so much of our house it's not even funny! Oh Elise I am going to pray for you tonight big time-I really do hope you get blessed with this house-I have a feeling you will! I'm so excited! I love the wood in the formal dining room-We have carpet which equals a pain in the rear end! I love love love love this house-I bet you are just beside yourself! I pray, pray, pray you get this! Oh my goodness, I'm so excited-I could only imagine how you are feeling. I love the front of the house soooo much-What is the back yard like? Did you like it?
Okay-I'll try to mellow out. I just know you have been looking for so long.

Rae said...

What a wonderful house!!! I can't wait to see how you turn it into your home!

Laura said...

Oh Elise, I am so excited for you! This is a lovely home! You will have so much fun decorating it. I love the wainscoting in the dining room. I will pray that everything goes very smoothly for you!

Laura :)

mysteryhistorymom said...

Elise- I am so excited for you! Gorgeous home! Look at all the beautiful trees, too!!! Lori

Tracey said...

Elise, What an adorable house, I love the high ceilings and he open spaces. I painted my livig room red and it looked wonderful, I have since changed it to a buttercream, but everone always raved about it. I will pray for God's will to be dont. Tracey

Tracey said...

Elise, What an adorable house, I love the high ceilings and he open spaces. I painted my livig room red and it looked wonderful, I have since changed it to a buttercream, but everone always raved about it. I will pray for God's will to be dont. Tracey

Heather said...

YAY!!! I know you are so happy and it is beautiful and has so much potential ... you are starting with a clean slate!

email me -- pursuingpurls at comcast dot net and let me know where it is located :)

So happy for you!

B J's Corner said...

Looks like a winner! In fact I can't believe how much it looks like my daughter Robins house. Very nice. Hope all go's well for you.

Joanna said...

I would have chose that one was well. It's great!

I love the cerb appeal and the 4 bedrooms, that is awesome!

Darlene said...

It is a BEAUTIFUL home....I do hope you get it....NO, YOU WILL GET IT!!! YEA, then we can see how you decorate it!!! WOO HOO!!

Aunt Mimi's Creations! said...

What a beautiful home! Thanks for stopping in and entering the giveaway.

Tamlynn said...

Oooo! I am so excited for you! Its beautiful!

Cindy said...

I love your new home. I am so happy for you. Can't wait to you move in and start decorating...ooh the pictures...

oh yeah, you have been tagged.


joyfullness said...

Elise....what a beautiful home!!
Looking forward to seeing you make it your own!!

Marie said...

Beautiful house! And yes!! HUGE curb appeal. The loft looking down into the family room reminds me of my house. :o)

AwtemNymf said...

Beautiful home! Good Luck!
Have a great weekend!

Julie said...

Oh, Elise!
Your new home is just exquisite!
I am just too excited for words, for you. And I know what you mean, about never thinking that you could have a home so nice -- I'm still feeling the same way, to the point of feeling guilty.
I just don't understand why our God is so good to me and just can't possibly thank HIM enough!

Can't wait to see what you do to make it yours! Again, it's just beautiful!!!

Many Blessings,

Hadley Coble said...

that is so nice! I love it! Congrats!

Bettsi said...

Hi Elise. This is my first visit. That home is wonderful! My heart is sending so much hope for you to have it! It seems exactly right for your beautiful family!