Saturday, September 20, 2008

A wee little house update

Hey Y'all,
The sellers signed the binding contract yesterday. We will close the 30th. As in September 30th!! We are just getting it inspected and providing that goes well, then we should be good to go. Thank you all for your comments and prayers, they mean a lot.
Happy Weekend!!

*The inspection went well. Only two little teeny tiny things that my husband can fix. Yay!! Hubby's boss is letting him take off after lunch this week so he can help pack and get everything ready to go. That will be a big help. Pray for our marriage though, I have a LOT of stuff that he thinks needs to go that I want to keep!! Surely some of y'all can relate!!


Bella Casa said...


Bella :)

Michelle said...

Congrats!!!How exciting! I just know everything will work out..

Have a good weekend and sweet dreams about decorating your new home:)

mysteryhistorymom said...

Elise- I am SOOOOOOO happy for you! Christmas in your new house! Yippee! Lori

The Nester said...

Elise, congrats on your new house! We had a catwalk over a two story great room and my armouire was exposed with big fat molding! The soulution: Pretty Books! or you could stack something ugly and put pretty fabric over it or an old wooden tray or box turned upside down--but yes people will see it and you don't want it to bug YOU because you will see it more than anyone else!

Oh, and it gets very dusty up there. I solved that by writing "hi" in the dust and no one even commented on it so, no one noticed it!

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! (had to comment :-) )
Please email me if I need to get trim, etc... to you~ I was very unorganized about the whole clothing thing. Love! Dana

Joanna said...


~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Congratulations...This IS good news! :)

Angie said...

Congrats on your upcoming move! How exciting! I just looked at the pictures of your new home and it is beautiful. You are going to have so much fun decorating!

Tamlynn said...

Hooray! Very exciting!

Julie said...

Yikes! Girl, you gotta get a move on (no pun intended!!!)
Be careful, in your hurry to pack and get moved.
And, yep, I can sooooooo relate about hubby thinking that I had lots that needed to "go"!

I'm so happy for you! Busy, busy, happy, happy! One day, we'll sit down and swap stories about our time in the trenches ;*)

Many Blessings,