Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Farmhouse Kitchen

So I don't really have a farmhouse...A girl can dream, right?!?! I do like to use older looking things in my decor to give me that old farmhouse feel. I put my utensils in a vase then put it in an egg basket. I think its handier to have them out and accessible, then tucked away in a drawer. My friend, Michelle, gave me the chick for my birthday. Does she know me well or what?? I love the cheery spring colors of the towel.

We also plan to put up a backsplash. I want to do either beadboard or brick pavers. I am thinking the pavers, though, because I want to do beadboard on the bottom half of the wall.

Here is a corner of my kitchen. I found the plate at Goodwill. It originally came from a ritzy gift shop. Jen made the R for me. Love it!! I have always wanted an old dough bowl, but they are so expensive. I found this one at a craft show and snatched it up. I put a few old cookie/biscuit cutters, an old grater, the embroidery Jen sent me for our Valentine's swap, and a candle I got at Joann's on clearance in there and I think it gives me that old fashioned feel I was going for.

A closer view. Love that candle!! Wal-Mart also carries them. I just love red, green, and white together. So happy!!
So, here's my kitchen!! Wanna share yours??


Lipstick and Laundry ~Jen said...

Very cute, you did a good job "farming" up an modern kitchen... Looks cozy and inviting!

Joanna said...

It looks great! I had no idea that was called a dough bowl. My grandmother had one on her dining room table, I wonder what happened to it?!? Hmm..I want it now!

Hadley Coble said...

looks great!

I want to get mine looking better before I share mine!

Oh well, you're going to see it all, for better or for worse, huh?!My kitchen is our homeschool room right now, so it's not too pretty, but it's pretty functional!

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

I have the same colors going on in my kitchen and totally love the farmhouse look too ;) I had fun talking to you on the phone the other day! You're too cute!

Wendi said...

Cute kitchen! I am in the middle of a major redo on my kitchen. I live in burbs, but my heart is in the country. I am working on making it a farmhouse kitchen. I agree those candles are fab!

Rambling Girl said...

Love your farmhouse feel/look...I think you did great in fixing it up that way. I love your little bird on the counter and of course all the goodies in the bowl.

I wish I had a gas hubby did not want gas but I would have loved to had cooks so much easier than electric in my opinion.

Elyse said...

hi elise!

the kitchen looks wonderful!!


Ruth said...

I want a farmhouse, too. A girl can dream.

Thank you for sharing the great pics of your kitchen. I love all the little touches.