Monday, March 16, 2009

Food deals and something to say...

Have y'all ever heard of Angelfood Ministries?? Ever bought food from them?? If you have what are your opinions?? Yes, I read, briefly, the hullabaloo about the execs of the company. What I am asking, though, is were you pleased with the food and quality/value of it??

On to another food deal...I've noticed that Publix and Ingles, and probably Kroger, if I paid any attention, have lowered the price on some products we use everyday. Ingles has their milk for about $2.60 a gallon and I've seen that Publix has lowered their price on milk as well. I was just telling my sister in law that while I'm not happy about what all is going on in the economy{as it directly affects them-my brother, who lost his other job, is now at a low paying job just to help buy food and pay some bills and SIL had to get a job, where she used to stay home and homeschool their girls}, BUT I was glad that some food items we use have lowered in price. I wasn't meaning to be insensitive to their, or any one else's, position, but if there was any silver lining, a lesser grocery bill would be a portion of it.

The economy hasn't directly affected us yet. Though they have done quite a few layoffs at my husband's job, as well as the hourly employees have had their time cut. Thankfully, my husband is salaried, otherwise, we wouldn't be making it. So, YES, I am GLAD the milk is cheaper!!! I am sorry that anyone is going through tough economic times. We've been there. Our bills for this house are ridiculous. So much more than we've ever paid. So when my husband is home and not breaking his back to have to keep us afloat, I am grateful. I am not, however, freaking out and hoarding. Maybe I should, I don't know. Any opinions on that one??

Sorry for the bummer post, but really wanted to ask about Angelfood and get the other off my chest. Its a biggin' already!! ;)


Hadley said...

I am grateful that we are paying less for milk in the store, but the downside of that is that our income is affected. There are many dairy farms that are losing their farms, luckily we are still okay. We don't forsee any major problems right now, but our country is in a bad place for sure.

I can't wait to hear about your experience with Angel Food. I'm not sure if we have one near us or not.

I haven't done any stockpiling yet, but I think I'm going to work on it. You never know when it will come in handy :)

Joanna said...

We have been affected by the economy my husband swicthed jobs back in November because they were laying people off and they had cut his pay. We were in bad shape. Luckily the job he is at now is govt contracted and they are contracted at least for a year, so we are safe for a year, but who knows after that.

I am so happy that prices are going down on things like milk. We buy a gallon every couple of days so we will def be saving money there.

We have an Angel Food near us...I have seen the pamphlets a time or two but haven't purchased anything from them. Although we have thought about it. I hope you find out something and can let us know as well.

Stockpiling...I've thought about it, but at the moment can't buy anything extra that we don't need to use weekly.

Carrie said...

When I worked at the battered womens shelter we used Angel Food you can get some really good deals!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Hi Elise,
I have never heard of Angelfood ministries.. We are in the same boat as you are -I feel overly blessed with so many people out of work. We do have "a plan" if things do go anymore South and my husband loses his job. I think in these times we really need to be realist. We, like so many others are budgeting big time on food and going without on "extras" that we used to enjoy. It's all about getting back to the basics isn't it?
Hope you have a great day,

Ruth said...

The economy is a bit out of control right now. I think alot of things need to be corrected before we can go forward. There was a bit of greed that got us in this trouble. Unfortunately, many innocent people are losing their jobs because of it. There were many layoffs at my husband's job and more to come.

I am glad that some prices are going down also. I have worked on some stocking up just in case.

Rambling Girl said...

Elise don't know much about Angel Foods but will check into it..My dad has it at there church or they are involved in it...I will let you know...

I have been watching how much also to spend at the grocery lot more rice than usual...I am thankful my hubby is not a picky eater and we don't have to cook lots of different putting up food last year helps us...we put up every year and this year we actually bought seeds to start our plants for our garden instead of the plants from Walmart...Some things we use seeds but some things we would just buy the plants and then transplant them...doing a garden is you do a small one in your yard?