Monday, March 2, 2009

Some more snow...

This is the view out of my foyer window. I can see out of it from the loft area-which is where I catch up with all of you!! The snow was just coming down.

The maple tree{at least I think its a maple} in our front yard.

The next few pics are of the backyard. The snow was quarter size at least.

The neighbor's fence...

I could look at snow all day. Well, almost. I am sure I would get tired of it after a while. But it sure is beautiful!!

Our snowman, Henry, says "Hey!!"

Here is the kid's picnic table last night. We got between 4-7 inches. More in other parts of the yard than others.

Cory's mom invited us over for Cory's birthday dinner and I snapped a few photos along the way. I thought these trees were so pretty.
The roads are a little icy here this morning. Cory was having a time getting out from in front of our driveway. He couldn't make it up our driveway last night, so he parked at the bottom of it. I really didn't want him to go to work today, but I think men love a challenge, so he drove there anyway. Thankfully, he arrived safely.
Hope you all enjoyed the photos!!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Gorgeous pictures, Elise! You certainly got a great snow storm!! Enjoy it while it lasts... :) Lori

Carrie said...

Great pictures it looks like that at our house too!

Amy R. said...

Hey, it looks like you might have even gotten a little more than us! Some friends said they only got an inch. We were the lucky ones. It was so fun! I couldn't believe the size of the snowflakes. I made me want to be soooo lazy!

Ruth said...

We have more snow, too. I am really looking forward to spring. I love the snow but it has been alot this year.

Rambling Girl said... did get some pretty snow and lots of the bright white stuff.

I am like you...would love it here and there but not blizzard type conditions that those up North get.