Friday, May 15, 2009

The BEST Chicken EVER!!

Oh my gosh, y'all, I made the best chicken ever!! I never cook whole chickens cause, quite frankly, they freak me out. Look like little human bodies or something. Plus, the first and only time I tried to cook a whole chicken the thing broke my pyrex dish in the oven. So, you want the recipe??

Elise's Best Chicken Ever
*whole chicken
*3-4 garlic cloves
*Season All seasoned salt
*soy sauce

Peel and slice onion, place in the bottom of crock pot. Remove giblets{eww} from chicken and rinse the chicken inside and out. Dry chicken off. Slice butter and peel and slice garlic. Place butter and garlic between skin and meat. Sprinkle Season All under skin and on top. Set chicken on top of onion slices in crock pot. Splash some soy sauce under skin and on top of chicken. Cover and set crock pot on low temp. Cook about 6-7 hours. Serve chicken over rice with juice, if desired.

This chicken was sooo good. I didn't measure anything, but probably used a third stick of butter or so. I would definitely use more onions next time. They were so tender also. Also, I highly recommend tongs for removal of giblets, if you have issues like me. I would love to know if you use this recipe and what you think.
Props to Jen for the soy sauce idea!!


Sarah said...

Sounds good! What is Season All? Is that like Seasoning Salt? I've never heard of it.

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

Sounds yummy... although the last thing I want to do on this disgusting hot day is turn on my oven. Good thing SMart sells chickens already to go LOL

Rambling Girl said...

Oh this does sound good...Now I fix this but without the chicken..Each year when I get my bags of Vidalia Onions we grill them with that stuff...sometimes we will add a bouilon cube yummy but will have to try the chicken with it.

I just got a 10 lb bag of onion today so I am ready to chow down on some.

Jill said...

I'm the same about the "whole chicken" thing...yuck!!! BUT, I LOVE them already cooked- and you know someone else removed the "stuff" and did the season-under-the-skin thing...I guess I can be brave and try does sound super yummy! I think I can, I think I can...:)

Lipstick and Laundry ~Jen said...

Good job Elise another recipe to add to your rotation!! Sounds good...

Carrie said...

sounds good!

Ruth said...

This sounds so yummy and I love cooking in the crockpot. Thank you for sharing.

cgallamore said...

Elise made this for me after I had neck surgery. It was absolutely delicious. Can't wait to try it myself.

Cindy Gallamore

cgallamore said...

Elise made this for me after I had neck surgery. It was outstanding! Can't wait to try it myself. She's an awesome cook anyhow.