Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Hi-Lights

I hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day!! Mine started out with the fabulous handmade cards by the children with help from Daddy. Then to Church, we had nursery duty. Lunch at Red Robin, followed by playtime at the park. Came back home, I wanted a few minutes, or hours, to myself, so I watched the worst movie next to The Nightmare Before Christmas, Prime. Its the one where Uma Thurman's character is dating her therapist's son. Oh, you haven't seen it?? Don't waste the two hours. Seriously, you can thank me later. And if you did like it?? I'm sorry...

Okay, on to the fabulous parts...this card is from Jackson, my oldest. Love it!! I think Lilly actually drew a picture of she and I or Jackson and I. I have a flower on my outfit. So sweet. I love this homemade goodness.

Here is Fisher's card. Click on the photo to see the bubble commentary. I am the best mom ever!!

Lilly's card. Daddy drew Lilly and I. She picked out the stamps. Aren't they lovely?? I have to find a very special place to hang these. Hallmark, you don't have anything on my peeps!!

This one park is so cool. The play area is huge and then they have a big grassy area behind it. The park also has a lake and a loooonnngggggg walking trail. Ask me how I know!! Here is Jackson tackling rock climbing.

Lilly had fun on the slides. Yes, she is wearing tights and a turtleneck. No, it wasn't cold.

Fisher had a blast on the swings. His first time swinging at a park. He just laughed and laughed. It was so cute!!
Hope you all had a fabulous day!!


Lipstick and Laundry ~Jen said...

Love the AWESOME cards!! The park looks like great fun!!!

Jill said...

Those are the best cards ever!!! Precious!!! glad you had a great day! :)

Joanna said...

Looks and sounds like a fabulous Mother's Day...Except for the movie! Never even heard of it. Although I did have to watch 300 on Sunday night and I couldn't stand it...So you weren't the only one watching bad movies. : )

Julie said...

Okay, I'm going to just jump through the computer and gobble Mr. fisher up! He is too adorable! And look how happy!!!

Your cards are truly beautiful!
How incredibly sweet of your hubby to help your babies out!!!

What a blessed Mother's Day you had!

Hadley said...

Fisher's face is priceless on those swings!

The cards are adorable!

I got a GPS so I can get to your house easier :)

Amy R. said...

Looks like a blast for all. The relaxing movie time sounds great even if the movie stunk!

Kasey said...

darling cards.
and what cute...cute kids.

Laura said...

Sounds like you had a great day! What sweet, cute kids! Love the cards!

Laura :)

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

The cards are great! What a great hubby to help them make cards for you! So it looks like your daughter has her temperatures mixed up like mine... she wears the totally WRONG outfit for the weather... she dresses for cuteness not comfort ;)