Sunday, May 24, 2009

What do you think??

I was wanting a change in our living room. So, my husband and I rearranged a little. Here are a few before photos. This is from the breakfast area. My bedroom is behind the armoire. You can kind of see the mini hallway that leads to it behind the sofa.

From the foyer. When we first moved in, it seemed natural to put the couch across from the fireplace.

Here is a view from the loft. The breakfast area is to the right.

Here is the living room after we moved the couch and chair around. We also shifted the armoire a few inches to the left. I am not sure if I am super sold, but you can see the tv better!!

The view from the foyer again. I put the end table between the couch and window. I also got a new lamp from Goodwill{half price!!} and plan to put it there also. I just need to redo the lampshade.

Here is another view from the loft. See the table?? I would love to put a round table there instead and maybe put the end table to the left of the chair. I'm not sure...I definitely need a sturdier floor lamp and would love a chunky wooden one.

A different angle from upstairs.
Sooo...what do you think?? Love it, hate it??


Lipstick and Laundry ~Jen said...

I like the openess it gives... I love that you have the option to move furniture around, the way our house is designed... Really doesn't allow for rearranging... I especially like the little models :)

Sherry said...

It's much more welcoming now from the foyer. :)

Tote, Debby, Sammy and Caleb Jimenez said...

i agree. i think it looks better. i like that the tv is more centered on that wall and being able to see it better is good! ;)
is there any room behind the sofa to push it back a bit? i wonder if it'd look better just a few inches further from the fireplace?? just a thought.
i love the space in that room. looks perfect for a fun active family! =)

DairyQueen said...

you know, I didn't think it was going to look good when you talked about doing it, but I'm a visual person ~ I think it looks great! Much more welcoming from the foyer, I think!

Anonymous said...

i really like it. :)
it seems very cozy.

Laura said...

I like it too! Much more open and welcoming! Love the footstool!

Laura :)

Joanna said...

I really like it! I have an obsession for rearranging furniture.

Jill said...

I Love it!!! and i really like the welcome - more open feel from the foyer! :)

Katie D said...

I love it! It seems natural to have the couch in front of the tv.