Friday, June 5, 2009


I have been teetering with the idea of moving the hutch out of the kitchen for a while now. Y'all may remember that post. Yesterday, I finally got a wild hair to move stuff around. Above is the way it looked before. This was taken in January.

Here the kitchen is today. I moved the bench in the kitchen. It was previously in the dining room. I also took the white chair from the dining room. If you want, you can click here for my inspiration room. I know the chandelier isn't centered over the table, but I am not putting a hook in the ceiling until I can get the room the way I will be {temporarily} happy with. If I leave the hutch out, I am thinking I am going to hang this chalkboard up.

Another can see where I moved the hutch to. I am not super sold on it there either. My husband would rather the hutch be out of the kitchen all together, but I love the storage.

Here is a slightly brighter picture. We plan to add beadboard under the bar and add a brick backsplash. Oh yes, and a vent hood. Baby steps!!

The view from the kitchen. I know my valances are hanging lower than the moulding, but I plan to put a shelf up, so I am not moving them until then.
Okay...what do you think?? Should I move the hutch out of the kitchen totally?? Leave it??


Laura said...

Its a really cute hutch, but I think it should be moved. It really opens the room up with out it in there. But on the other hand if you were to leave it I would probably think about painting it so the wood wouldn't clash with the wood color of your cabinets.

Love your blog!!

Lipstick and Laundry ~Jen said...

I like the hutch in there, in either spot... Looks GREAT...

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

No advice here... Just wanted to tell you I have the same chair covers in my dining room. I got them at Target a few years back and can't find anymore of them! I'm bummed because I wanted a few more! I just love them!

Have a great weekend,

Mica said...

I really like it. I would definitely put a chalkboard or art there on the wall. It really looks less cluttered Good eye !!!! Mica

Still Learning said...

Hi Elise, it's so nice to meet you. I just read your email & I love to meet other GA bloggers. We are in Canton actually.
You have such a sweet family & I love your blog. You seem like a fun lady to know. This last post is right up my alley. I love to re arrange things and paint stuff. I like the hutch by the kitchen from what I can see in the photos but I would paint it. So many possibilities..... fun stuff. I like the chalkboard idea too. I love to play with things when I can afford it.

Have a great day,


Jill said...

Hmmmm....not sure, I love the hutch for all the same ect....LOVE the chalkboard idea...LOVE the way it is looking now! - so helpful aren't I? :)

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

I am jealous that you actually have a choice to move it... my house is chock full of stuff so there is pretty much one place for a thing to go. I like it in the kitchen, I think it fits well... Are you going to paint it? I think it would be cool matching your cabinets... like it was built in. BUT I know how people get about painting nice wood... I on the other hand could care less :)