Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Family Restaurant Museum

Jackson has in his mind that we are going to open a restaurant and call it The Family Restaurant. In that restaurant we are going to have a museum. In these photos the kids were drawing and giving names to the homes, etc.

I love the way Lilly wrote her name. YYYIILL...something like that!!

Check out the right one-Rexy's House. We watched Night at the Museum the other day, so I think this is where this is stemming from.

"Stop Mom, I'm not done!!" Somebody didn't like me taking premature photos...
Just a few ditties for myself that I don't want to forget...
Fisher got his bottom teeth first and is now getting some super cute top teeth.
The other day, when I got home from the store, Lilly said, "Daddy and I are watching a show." "What show is that?" I asked. She replied, "Black Man." I was really confused at this point, cause we don't make a difference in skin tones around here-we all are made in the image of God, aren't we?? I asked Cory what was on and he said, "Men in Black." I about passed out laughing...Black Man!!!!!
In the Arby's drive thru, Lilly asked me what the girl's name was, that she sounded pretty. I didn't know, but thought that was sweet.
Today the Jackson and Lilly were on the trampoline together, Lilly was sitting on the edge, feet dangling and Jackson was laying and they were facing the neighbor's fence, just talking sweetly to one another.
Fisher has started taking about five or more steps at a time now. Also, he is saying "more" when he wants more of something. He is also saying, "hey" and holding his hand in the air.
Jackson likes to tell me I am beautiful even without my makeup on. Along with telling me he will get me a Wii Fit!! Hahaha!!
Lilly loves to play Baby Mozart on the cd player and dance around to it.
Jackson is going to go to China and tell the people about Jesus. Also, when we were talking about not having that black cable box{when we were renting-I wanted to save money}, he said, "Well, I'll get one when I move out." I told him that was fine, he could do what he wanted with the money he earned. He told me he wasn't going to work. Then he said, "I'm gonna be a preacher." Uh yeah, no working!! We've definitely been talking lately about how he has to work because its his job to support his family and so hopefully his wife can stay home and take care of the children. I have a huge place in my heart for stay at home Mom's and really feel for the ones who cannot.
Thanks for indulging me here!! Hope you all have a great week!!


Jill said...

Absolutely ADORABLE!!! I'll be the first one in line at the restaurant museum! :)
Such happy days with the little ones! treasure them!
Many Blessings!

Joanna said...

Can't wait to see what y'all serve! *smiles*

How funny...kids are hilarious! And they grow up so fast...

Lipstick and Laundry ~Jen said...

Love the little tid bits... and the Museum Restaurant is AWESOME!!!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Kids say the darndest things, don't they? Too cute. I love the black wall in your dining room! Pretty cool.

I want just a little bit of the imagination of a child again. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

I noticed you signed up as a follower on my blog...YAY! I look forward to getting to know you:)

DairyQueen said...

I love that! What an adorable family you have ~ they do and say the most precious things!!

Joanna said...

Hey Elise,

I tagged you on my blog.

Ruth said...

What an absolutely wonderful post. The kids just sound so sweet.
Can't wait for the grand opening of the Family Restaurant and Museum.
We saw Night at the Museum this weekend. It was great!

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Rue said...

Hi Elise :)

How cute is that restaurant and museum they came up with!! I love how you listed all the little things they did. What a great way to remember them :)


Kindra said...

I love the museum restaurant. I just think kiddos have the best imagination!